Is Our Love Real?

Larissa is worried when her boyfriend Harry Styles leaves to go on the X-Factor. He promised to remember her.. But he forgot. She becomes 1D's wardrobe girl. When Harry reconizes her will she take him back or will she fall for his best mate Louis? Read to find out. (BTW this is my first fanfic!!!)


4. At The House

Louis POV: "hey, Larissa an i talk to you" i ask her "yeah sure..." "Louis but you can call me Lou" "srry im new at this" "no prob" "hey riss what's up"Harry asked intruding on our converstaion "what do you want?" Larissa and i ask at the same time. "oh im srry Lou i was talking to Riss not you!" "well Lou and i were talking so wiat in line!" Larrisa exclamied "i just wanna talk love"Harry said. dammit they are dating."so are you guys like dating cuz if you are ill leave right now"


Larrisa POV: "yes"i heard Harry say, so i quickly said "NO!" "im confused are you a couple or not?" Lou asked. "we're not, we were but right now we're not" I said exasperated "im leaving, i was gonna say lets go on a date but ill try agian later" Harry said while going into the kitchen. "soooooo Larissa Carpenter would you go on a date with me,tonight possibly?" Lou asked. "tes, Louis Tomlinson I will. oh and srry about Harry." "do you wanna talk about it?" yeah sure its a short story but lets go in my room. *in Larissa's room* "sit down and ill tel you my story" "ok" "Harry and i were dating he told me was going to go on the X-Factor and before he left he broke up with me and promised to remember me and list me as one of his supporters. obviosly he forgot his promise. i sin=gned up to become a wardrobe person and didnt think id get the job. i did. they siad id be working with/for 1D i kinda hated the band cuz of Harry. now i like it cuz of you Lou. Harry's been trying to get together with me. its not working." 'y'no Rissa. i like you. no i LOVE you. will you be my GF? i know ts a little soon but i think with you everythings worth it." "YES i will be you GF Lou. i love you!"

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