Is Our Love Real?

Larissa is worried when her boyfriend Harry Styles leaves to go on the X-Factor. He promised to remember her.. But he forgot. She becomes 1D's wardrobe girl. When Harry reconizes her will she take him back or will she fall for his best mate Louis? Read to find out. (BTW this is my first fanfic!!!)


2. 3 Yrs Later

Larissa POV"do you have any experience with clothing?" asked guy who i was applying to for a job. "yes, i worked at a bunch of clothing stores and went to fashion shool." "okay your hired." REALLY!! YAY!" i screamed. "you'll be working as One Direction's wardrobe person untill you quit. $30 bucks an hour. thats alot." " okay thanks" i smiled to the guy. " oh and you have a meeting with them at 1:00 today" " okay" I walked out of the room. 'dammit 1D" i curse under my breath the one band i despise.


                                                1:00 at Nandos

"hi you must be Larissa, im Paul 1D's manager. the guys'll  be here soon. oh and we're here cuz of Niall." I sat down at the booth and then the boys came in. " this is Harry, Louis,Niall, Zayn, and Liam." paul introduced us " guys this is Larissa your wardrobe person. I'll leave you alone to get aquainted with each other. Bye. then Paul left. "hi you can call me Hazza of Haz" Harry said god i hated him. "im called Lou, Louboo, or Boobear" Louis said grabbing my attention. He was HOT! "Im Ni or Nialler" Im Li and Zayn has no nickname but we call him pouty-pants. Haha" You can call me Ris or Rissa" i told them. "can you tell me your last name?" ' Carpenter" i replied. "can we talk?" "sure" i followed him. "Larissa Kimberly Carpenter, im srry i forgot about you, will you take me back?"

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