No goodbye

Avery was a young girl , who fell in love with Damen , what can happen in this story? read to find out !


1. whats his name ?

*Avery's P.O.V*

I walked in school again , 7th grade woow , new big thing for me , I spotted Sophie "oh hey Sophie !" I shouted , " Ha watsup?" she said ... " ha nothing" I said walking , when I bumped into someone , " HEY YOU DROPED MY BOOKS!" I said shouting out , " I'm so.." he said running away , all I saw was brown eyes , " who was that?" I said , " That's Damen he moved to my apartments this summer" Sophie said " oh okay" I said walking in my new class and leaving him , throughout the whole school day I couldn't take my mind off of that cute brown eyed boy I had seen .

~ Next day ~

" Hey ..." I said to him , he just turned away he ignnored me , I couldn't believe it " If I was you I wouldn't talk to him " Morgan said , I just looked away ... Is he like this ? I questioned myself,

* Damen's P.O.V *

She hadn't just talked to me , again the cycle , shes gonna fall in love with me , I taught back of Melanie , my old girlfriend ... it was just nothing , I didn't like this one though , my opinion is she's ugly .

~next day~

oh here comes Sophie and the other girl walking right to me " move away youur both ugly." I did not just say that I taught .

* Avery's P.O.V *

how could he ? ... he's irresistable , he doesn't seem to like me or Sophie , ( which happens to like him too.) his eyes , his perfect body , his smile , his hair , was all caught in my head with no escaping

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