the song

This story is about a girl named Hailey. During the story, she has to go through so many problems such as love, heartbreak, friendships, and most of all, her mother's breast cancer. Hailey had to face so much, just at the age of 16.


5. Mom's sickness


My mom had been getting sick lately. She would lay in bed, wallowing in pain. She had a strange bump growing on her left breast. We all feared the worst, my dad, sister, and brother, but no one dared say the word out loud. Cancer. We had an appointment scheduled with a doctor, but it was so far away. Almost a whole month. Meanwhile, mom was getting worse and worse. She spent most days in bed, and I had to take days off school when the others had to work to take care of her. I stayed up late, crying, thinking of what would happen if she really did have cancer, and even worse, they couldn't get rid of it. All my problems seemed petty now: friends, school, and Jason. He came to Sunday Church meetings, and went to the same school, but i barely saw him around or talked to him. He didn't really matter, compared to my mom. The days got colder, and December was coming. Some days, while my mom slept i drew smiley faces on the frost forming on the windows, then crying because mom never smiled anymore. Why did bad things happen to good people?

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