the song

This story is about a girl named Hailey. During the story, she has to go through so many problems such as love, heartbreak, friendships, and most of all, her mother's breast cancer. Hailey had to face so much, just at the age of 16.


4. Jason

At Sunday Church Group, Jason sat in the corner alone. He had piercing blue eyes, long curly black hair, and stubble lining his jaw.  He had on light jeans (not ripped like we thought) and a leather jacket.  He stared at the wall, as if bored to be there. 

"Meh, not cute." said Mary as we walked in.

I thought differently.  I kept glancing over at him and getting butterflies. A few times, he was already staring.  He looked at me with mild interest, as if I were the only thing in the room that slightly amused him. I wasn't sure how to feel about him.

I hung back afterwards.  Mary wanted to leave, but I insisted on staying to talk to him.  He slowly strode up to Mary and I.

"Yes?" he asked, half amused, half bored.  He had a mysterious glint in his eye.  I didn't quite understand him.

"Well, um- we just wanted to, um, like, welcome you to the uh, group?" Mary said.

I elbowed her in the ribs lightly.  I gave her a look that meant Not cute?

She glowered at me and then turned back to Jason.  He was smirking.

"Thanks. See you around ladies." he said, walking past us.

"I don't like him." Mary said.  I thought differently.

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