the song

This story is about a girl named Hailey. During the story, she has to go through so many problems such as love, heartbreak, friendships, and most of all, her mother's breast cancer. Hailey had to face so much, just at the age of 16.


1. Introduction

I could hear the laughter and talking as I walked out of school.  All those people, with their millions of friends, always there for them, and their hot boyfriends, following them around like lemmings.  I wish I could have a life like them.  But I was just invisible Hailey.  Nobody noticed me and half the time I felt like a ghost, drifting through the crowds of people who couldn't see me.  I was only seen by one person at school, my best friend Mary.

As i walked outside, the brisk cold air stung my skin, making my teeth chatter.  It was late November, but this felt like January air.  I walked away from the crowds and down the sidewalks, all alone. I had to meet Brandon, my  brother, at his work so he could drive me home.  Brandon was 20, and wasn't going to college. He was saving up to go to engineering school.  He had always had an interest in electricity and wiring. 

He worked in a power plant, as an intern.  He met me outside.

"I got off early." he said, and unlocked the car so we could get in.

I looked at the school as we passed, at the populars staying behind for practice, wishing i was one of them.

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