the song

This story is about a girl named Hailey. During the story, she has to go through so many problems such as love, heartbreak, friendships, and most of all, her mother's breast cancer. Hailey had to face so much, just at the age of 16.


6. chemotherapy

Mom is starting chemotherapy. Which means she's going to loose all her hair. Her beautiful, long brown hair. The hair that I've always been jealous of. She was going to loose all of it. I wanted to shave off mine too, but she told me not to. I wouldn't mind, it's not like I have pretty hair anyway.  After chemotherapy, she always seemed even weaker. Her eyes were sunken, and they had lost their brilliant sparkle.  I would spend my days crying in the garden outside the hospital, too scared to go in anymore. It wasn't helping, she wasn't getting better. One day, while I was crying, a boy my age came up to me, he didn't say anything, and neither did I. He just sat next to me and held me in his arms, letting me cry on him. This went on a few more times until we finally exchanged names. His name was Toby. His mother was going through the same thing I learned later on. We ended up being friends, and even more than that.

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