Here to sum up my life...I am Abby, a 5"3 17 year old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I live with my "parents" im am a foster child and i have a foster dad who hates me and a foster mother who absolutely loves me. for a job i am practically a slave at my foster dads hotel for celebrities. I dont like with my foster parents...well i do but i live in a shed. in this story Abby's Life is changed dramatically


8. you will always be my princess

Abby's P.O.V- When we were driving i looked through my suitcase and found fashionable cloths. I was about to zip up my Bag when i saw a passport. i grabbed it to see what my name was now going to be. it said "Nia Jamie Exworth" i had part of Niall's Name so i was glad about that...i realized that i had something in my bra? i remembered that it was the necklace Niall had given to me it said "you will always be my princess -Niall" and it was heart shaped. i decided to tell Liam my name but to make it sound like i didn't mean to. Nia Jamie Exworth my new identity i said so Liam could hear me. "its Nia? that's a cool name" Liam will you tell Niall i love him? he simply nodded. we finally got to the Airport and found Maybelle she waved to us and we got our tickets it was 5 mins until we had to get on the plane. Liam was sitting on a bench and i was on his lap. Liam? why would you do this? his answer was "I told Paul i didn't want you getting hurt by ANYONE so if protection is the answer we will do it so you don't get hurt." yeah but Liam, Niall asked me to be his girlfriend and then i was taken away. I miss Niall, i don't want to Live without him. I might as well KILL myself. Liam looked me in the eyes and surprised me. H...he kissed me, I didn't kiss back and stood up. then Maybelle and i were called to leave. i gave a hug to Liam and told him to tell NIALL i loved him. and that was the last time i saw Liam.

Niall's P.O.V- 

It has been THREE YEARS since i last saw Abby. I missed her so bad. Harry and i didnt talk, unless we were at an interview. I mean would you talk to him if he got your girlfriend pregnant against her will? i didn't think so. My dream was coming true, We were going to play a concert in Madison garden. Im really excited. we have been on tour three times and i still have not seen Abby anywhere. i will not loose hope and faith yet. the day Abby was taken was the worst day of my life. i had just gotten her back so when Liam came back, well...i pummeled his ass.

 Abby's P.O.V-

In the three years that i have been in New York with Ashley(Maybelle) We had bonded so much its like we really are sisters. she had a baby boy named Aiden. i named my BABY GIRL what Niall wanted before Her name was Mia. she looked a lot more like me than harry, thank god. OK so tomorrow i have four backstage tickets to One for me one for Ashley one for Mia and One for Aiden. its their first concert...on September 13...Mia's Birthday! i am excited to see the boys again but scared of what will happen if they recognize me but that's alright. Ash and i are so excited, my baby Mia turns three tomorrow! i love her so much. We all went to bed early. it was 6 im the morning and Mia was wearing a onsie that had "Mommy's Angel" on it I was wearing Ripped black skinny jeans and a green shirt that said One Direction...Ash made me wear it she was wearing shorts an a blue shirt saying i love Liam on it and Aiden was wearing a red onsie that said nothing. after we packed our baby bags for the car...just in case we left. it was only a 6 minute drive so we were there right on time. there were the boys, only one would recognize me and that person being Liam. the security guard let us and our babies in. Niall looked depressed. All of the boys looked at us and Liam's eyes were popping out of his head. they all went back to talking...except Niall,  so i went and sat next to him. he looked at Mia ans smiled and asked what her name was. Her name is Mia and she turns 3 today Niall was like shocked was his birthday too. i then got up and walked out of the room, Niall following. I pushed him into the guys bathroom and he looked confused. "Niall dont scream ok?" he nodded his head. i pulled out the necklace and showed it to him. His mouth dropped and i kissed him. he was smiling like crazy! then he looked at Mia and said "you picked my name" he was so happy, i missed him so much.

Niall's P.O.V- 

It was Abby! and she picked my baby name! i have missed you so much Abby i cant explain it i said before kissing Mia's forehead. then Abby held her out to me. I took Mia out of her mothers hands and held her. she was adorable. Then i thought of the most perfect Idea! Abby please come with me Harry went to rehab and now has three security guards around just in case pleaseee come home and i can be Mia's Dad Mia immediately looked up and said "daddy" it was so cute i couldn't refuse...oh ok but just because i love uoy



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