Here to sum up my life...I am Abby, a 5"3 17 year old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I live with my "parents" im am a foster child and i have a foster dad who hates me and a foster mother who absolutely loves me. for a job i am practically a slave at my foster dads hotel for celebrities. I dont like with my foster parents...well i do but i live in a shed. in this story Abby's Life is changed dramatically


3. well thats her


Abby's P.O.V- i have missed yo so much Niall hows your life? i asked him "i am 19 so i am out of foster care now" lucky i mumbled he looked confused. i just avoided his stare at this point,  when we arrived at the hotel john pulled me away from Niall and pushed me into the supplies closet and said, Now Abby, you didn't tell anybody about our relationship right?. Fuck you, you can go rot in HELL and with that he busted my lip open. i opened the closet and walked over to Niall who wasn't very far away. i hope he didn't hear any of that. we all walked upstairs(except for john) i showed them their room and then said. Ill be your slave for the rest of the time. i do anything i need to. as long as your stay here is perfect i said in my annoying voice. Niall had a smile creep up on his face but tried to hide it. i then left.

Niall's P.O.V- all of the boys were practically drooling. i then said Guys, remember how i said i was in foster care and had one best friend? "yeah?" and how i really liked her? "yeah?"Well that's her, her name is Abby i said and all their mouths dropped the boys said tons of thing like "she hot!" "how old is she?" and other stuff it was really funny. I cant believe that im actually seeing her again, i haven't seen her for four years!  i told her that when i was 19 i would find her. one way or another, i miss seeing her crystal blue eyes that change color with her emotion, its really cool. i missed holding her smooth hands, kissing her cheek, the sweet vanilla shampoo and conditioner sent in her hair. I cant believe that its really her. after four years is this a dream? if it is i don't want it to ever end, so i can see her beautiful smile day after day. i have tried to date other girls but i am horrible because i always imagine its Abby kissing, hugging, calling me baby, cuddling with me. its horrible. i can see that two of the other boys likes her also. i don't want this to be a competition but how can i beat Zayn and Louis? im not anything special like them. i am the "unwanted" band member people even want pictures without me in them. I don't want to loose my chance with Abby..but the way she looked at harry...she looked terrified and Harry looked guilty. So what was that all about?...i don't know but i will figure it out, one way or another.(i love the way they sing that song) i decided to go talk to her. I didn't know where she would be so i asked the receptionist and she said that Abby was doing laundry, in the basement.  I walked down the eerie staircase and heard yelling. i continued walking quietly. i heard a grunt and then a thump and coughing. like something, or someone fell. then a guy said "serves you well bitch" i hid so the person wouldn't see me. to my surprise it was the hotels owner. he went up the stairs and when he closed the door i ran the where the grunt came from. i opened the door and there lays Abby on the ground coughing blood. i ran to her side and she hid her face. its ok Abby im here and i wont leave you. EVER. she looked at me, bloom all on her face. i took a cloth and wiped the blood off. i picked her up and was going to bring her up stairs when she got out of my arms. she then went to walk on the stair and fell backwards onto me. "Abby its ok i can carry you you are as light at a feather." no you CANT she emphases on the cant. i surrender and walk upstairs and as i am going to put the hotel key in harry Harry opened the door and asked where Abby was because he wanted to properly introduce himself. Down in the laundry room in the basement. he almost ran to the basement. i walked in and went to bed thinking of Abby.   

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