Here to sum up my life...I am Abby, a 5"3 17 year old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I live with my "parents" im am a foster child and i have a foster dad who hates me and a foster mother who absolutely loves me. for a job i am practically a slave at my foster dads hotel for celebrities. I dont like with my foster parents...well i do but i live in a shed. in this story Abby's Life is changed dramatically


4. oh no, not you again.

Abby's P.O.V-

when i saw Niall i was so happy then i saw "him" i was getting scared because his family fostered me for like three months. Harry styles was one of the children in that house. When we were 15 we were left at home alone for 3 hours and he tried to kiss me and i made the worst mistake ever. i hit him. he got so angry i thought he was going to explode. he grabbed my arm and dragged me into his room. i didn't know what he was going to do but i had an idea. he closed and locked the door. within the next five seconds he was making out with me he said if i didn't go along with it he would shoot me. he had a pistol on his bed stand so i did what i was told. he started to take my shirt off i didn't do anything back and he bit my lip so hard it was gushing blood. he got me undressed when he undressed himself and got on the bed. he got on top of me and didn't do anything. i released a breath i had been holding in. when all of the sudden he entered me and started to thrust, hard and deep i screamed because it hurt so bad. i asked him to stop but he didn't  he kept going but faster and even more harder. when after 1 hour he stopped. we got dressed and he said that i could not tell anyone about it.Harry styles took my v-card away from me....I was still doing Laundry when the door opened. i couldn't loose focus so i said Niall i cant talk right now please go back upstairs when a gruff voice said turn around. it defiantly wasn't Niall. i turned slowly and there he was. Harry styles, the guy who raped me at 15. Oh no not you again i blurted out."Oh yes it is me again and i am going to get something i didn't get enough of a while ago. Leave me alone Dick! he just closed the door and locked it i started screaming help and Niall and John. hoping someone heard me through their heating vents. Harry ran to me and kissed me making me silent. i bit his tongue and continued screaming. harry then hit me and did what he did to me 2 years ago. when it was over i was left to get dressed and go upstairs. i couldn't walk, but i found out the hard way. i tried to stand up after i got dressed and fell. i hit my head on a table on the was down and passed out. i could hear an Irish voice telling me to wake up. i tried but i couldn't open my eyes so i listened to what he was saying. Please Abby i just got you back don't leave me forever i love you. Oh my god Niall loves me! i need to open my eyes but i cant. i am getting so close but every time i get close i fall back down. i then heard "His" voice saying "mate, she is going to die if she doesn't wake up in time, don't waste your time on her." how could he say that. i HAVE TO wake up! When Niall said "shut up Harry i love her and she will wake up." Awww a hand touched me and i tried to squeeze it back and to my surprise it worked and i opened my eyes!  Niall he looked shocked and then yelled for the doctor. "HI Abby  nice to finally see your eyes! i am doctor Lilly  hi where am i? "you have been in a coma for one whole month, you fell and hit your head and the Irish boy out there found you and if you didn't wake up today they were going to pull the plug." woah that's a long time. i am going to throw up i said. the doctor ran me to the bathroom and i got on my knees and vomited. when i stopped i asked for Niall the Irish boy. she went and got him and she left. "babe whats wrong, are you alright?" ask your band mate har- i couldn't even finish my sentence before i vomited again.i think he got what i was going to say and called harry into the room. No i said tell him he can leave quick i said. Niall looked at me confused when he said never-mind. Niall do you really love me i asked i was now done vomiting. "yes i do" ok i need to tell you something foster dad beats me. "Oh my god Abby are you ok? is that how you fell down the stairs?" yes Niall but that's not the worst part. Harry's family fostered me when i was 15 remember? "yeah....why.." well he raped me and that's how i got here. after you left the basement harry came downstairs and he raped me again and i fell hit my head and i might be pregnant with his baby. i said crying my heart out. THAT BASTARD Niall screamed he then engulfed me in a hug and i cried myself to sleep.

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