Here to sum up my life...I am Abby, a 5"3 17 year old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I live with my "parents" im am a foster child and i have a foster dad who hates me and a foster mother who absolutely loves me. for a job i am practically a slave at my foster dads hotel for celebrities. I dont like with my foster parents...well i do but i live in a shed. in this story Abby's Life is changed dramatically


7. it will be all your fault

Liam's P.O.V-

I was jumping around because i was extremely happy for her. I was really excited to be a part of the baby's life but now i wont be able to because we took her away from Niall and now she is going into protection. I heard a really cute giggle and Abby was in a wheelchair with a 8 year old girl with cancer on her lap. I went up to then and the little girl recognized me and was like "you are the guy on my TV!" She made me smile. I bent down and picked the girl up and spun her around. she had a fit of giggles. I found out her name was Ashley but it was time to go so we said our goodbyes. as we were walking out of the hospital i spoke up and told Abby "you are going to be the perfect mother" she smiled and mumbled somthing...what was that? "i said there will always be an empty spot in my child life for the "father", so im going to put her/him up for adoption" NO i yelled, the child should have at least one REAL parent. she nodded her head and we drove for an hour and got to the building and went in, the place was HUGE with agent looking people everywhere. we got to the check in and i said Abby Elizabeth May. The lady smiled and took Abby into a room where me and Paul could not go.

Abby's P.O.V-

I was PISSED because of what Liam was putting me through. After he checked me in they took me into the room im guessing where they change you so you look completely different. there was a girl i bumped into on accident and we both fell on our butts. The weird thing was we were both holding our stomachs. Hi am Abby, well i wont be anymore... whats your real name? i asked "my name is Maybelle, may i ask why you are holding your stomach?" im 1 month pregnant and i had twins but one died recently her mouth hung open then she said "Im 1 month pregnant but im only having one child, im sorry for your loss" and with that we were separated. i was put in a barber shop chair and they started cutting my hair. There was no mirror so i had to hope it looked good. they finally stopped cutting and dyed my hair? two hours passed and i was looking at myself, i had layered red hair with bangs. I was in a blue one sleeved dress that went to mid-thigh  it was flowy so it didn't hurt my bump. i looked and i saw a girl with brown eyes and she recognized me and said "Abby you look so different!" hey Maybelle you look so beautiful i didn't know who you were till you said my name. next was relocating. we went into the room where Liam was waiting. he didn't even recognize me so i was like Liam, its me Abby. his mouth immediately dropped. i have to go see where im being shipped off...Thanks a lot Liam. I went into the relocating stage...with Maybelle? huh? when a lady came out and said "you two are going to New York city, you will be living in a hotel near Madison garden with two adults you will call mum and dad, you are going to be sisters. we fist bumped. they do know about you being Pregnant. Maybelle you will get a cab and Abby go with Liam you two have seats on the plane next to each other. and then she have us our suitcases. See you there sis we both yelled and laughed. When i got to Liam he asked me where i was going..Liam i cant tell you sorry i just need to get to the Airport. remember when Niall is depressed its ALL your fault and with that we drove to the Airport.

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