Here to sum up my life...I am Abby, a 5"3 17 year old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I live with my "parents" im am a foster child and i have a foster dad who hates me and a foster mother who absolutely loves me. for a job i am practically a slave at my foster dads hotel for celebrities. I dont like with my foster parents...well i do but i live in a shed. in this story Abby's Life is changed dramatically


6. cant you see, its for the best

Liam's P.O.V-

I didn't know what else to do but scream for Paul. Harry gave me a death glare but i simply ignored it as best as i could. Within seconds Paul was in the room and tackled Harry. We all ran to Paul and harry and held harry down. I told Niall to go comfort Abby. So he did what i said to which is ok because we have Harry. Paul grabbed some handcuffs and handcuffed Harry to a pole and took the knife, to be sure he patted him down and found something! Paul revealed a gun from harry's pants and placed it slowly on a counter, too far away from harry for him to grab. wow he was going to do anything to stop Abby huh? what are we going to do with Abby? i made sure the boys were safely watching Harry i dragged him off and asked what we were going to do with Abby, because she cant stay here and defiantly not with her foster parents. he didn't answer my question and instead asked what the Hell was going on. so i answered and said "Harry raped Abby twice once before she went into a coma and now she is pregnant, her foster parents beat her and she cant stay here...what are we going to do Paul? he replied with an answer that would kill Niall and Abby..."she has to go into protection and change everything so harry doesn't recognize her. and this incident wont get out to the papz do you here me?" yes loud and clear Paul and we walked back into the room.

Niall's P.O.V- 

Abby its alright, nothing is going to happen to you, trust me i WONT let it happen. she was just nodding her head. i was standing beside her, i stepped back. She looked back worried and i smiled Abby its ok im not leaving and with that i hugged her from behind putting my hands on the tiny baby bump. it was relaxing for a time like this. i bent down and kissed her hair. i then realized Liam and Paul walking out of Liam's room. Liam had his depressed face on. I was getting worried until Paul and Liam whispered to Zayn, and Louis. Then Zayn and Louis came over and motioned me to come over there. i brought abby with me and then i heard NOW and Zayn and Louis grabbed me and Paul and Liam grabbed Abby. Abby and I kept screaming and squirming but the grips on me got tighter every time and im guessing the same with Abby because she screamed in pain and stopped screaming then when everything got silent. the next thing i saw was Abby kick Liam and Paul in the balls. they let go of her and she ran to me and hugged me. i then said her name, she looked up at me and i kissed her. Liam and Paul were turned with their backs towards us doing...something. I told Abby she Needed to run out the door but she went over to Harry and kneed him in the balls... repeatedly until Liam went up behind her with something in his hand and grabbed a hold of her head and put a cloth over her face and she started to stop moving, chloroform then Harry took this as his time to shine and kicked Abby in the stomach I started crying telling them to let her go. but nobody listened to me. i have amazing friends, who you know just rape and chloroform your girlfriends you know?(sarcasm) I thought you guys were my friends i said just loud enough for Louis and Zayn to hear. i tried to look back and saw their hurt expressions when they said "we are, and we are helping you get rid of her so we can carry on our lives!" they said in a low voice. "Oh so you guys are helping them get rid of my GIRLFRIEND i whisper yelled. "you asked her out?! Good jo- oh i see the problem but its for the best" Louis said i cant just give up on my pregnant girlfriend, so i did what anybody would do fight when least expected "you guys are right i was getting carried away thank you" i could feel their grips loosen a lot. so its now or never Niall. i turned around fast causing them to let go of me and pushed them so they fell on their butts and i ran to the door where they had just taken Abby in. they were gone i ran out of the hotel and saw them in a car. they saw me and sped up the car. I had lost Abby again, the love of my life. One way or another i will find her. i went back inside our hotel room and apoligised to the boys Zayn and Louis they said they understood why he would do that. i went to the handcuffed harry and started throwing punches and kicks at him and all of them hit him. then i went to my room

Abby's P.O.V- 

I opened my eyes and i was in a car with two guys i couldn't see their faces. i was laying down i tried to sit up and i screamed in pain. my stomach hurts so bad, one of the guys came closer. Liam? i squeaked the head just nodded. "can you please lift your shirt so i can see your stomach?" Since i knew Liam was a nurse i lifted up my shirt, he was just staring at it, then i remembered that i was pregnant! i tried to sit up but he stopped me. "you will hurt the baby if its still alive." i decided to talk to my baby and said please don't die baby i will take care of you forever. Liam smiled at me, im guessing because of what i said he then said..."Abby, im so sorry" i started crying. Liam came up to me and hugged me then he told Paul to go to the hospital first. first? i thought...but we were already there. i couldn't move so Liam bridal style carried me into the er, we got immediate attention. Liam put me on the bed and said i will do what i have to do in here and he was going to do some fan stuff. The door opened and someone in all blue came in and said "Hi Abby im going to give you an ultrasound because of a certain reason so i need you to life up your shirt and i will be putting this cold gel on your stomach." i lifted up my shirt and she gasped. but kept going I jumped a little when the Gel hit my skin, but it felt so good. she started moving the scanner thing and found my baby but it was...not alive..then she pointed to the screen where there was...ANOTHER baby i was crying of joy that i didn't loose all of my connection with Niall because he was going to be the father role in its life, since i was like 1 month she couldn't tell me what sex it was. but i had to get surgery to take care of the first twins body. i was put under anesthesia and an hour later i was out in recovery. Liam was holding my hand.  he looked sad and i remembered i told the doctor not to tell i would..Liam i whispered "yeah Abby?" im still pregnant...only one of my twins died. he was so happy he jumped up and was dancing. it made me smile.

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