Calling CPS wouldn't help; all that would do is separate Joey and I. I won’t let that happen. I can take a few beatings from George for my brother. I’m sixteen, two more years and Joey and I will be living on our own. Why don’t we just leave now? George has threatened me if I leave. That he would find us and he would make Joey pay. He said I would regret it. So I’m waiting until I’m eighteen and have enough money saved up to get far away from him. I already have about a grand saved but I need way more than that to get away. We’ll need new identities. George is friends with a lot of cops that’s why he hasn't been reported. Joey is eight years old; this shouldn't be happening to him. This isn't fair to him, when I was his age I was happy, my parents loved me. He doesn't deserve to be hit, he hasn't and he won’t.


3. Chapter Three

After Joey came out I turned the TV on for him and hopped in the shower. The blood from my cut flooded at my feet. I always loved the sight of that, maybe that makes me twisted but I just always have. Once I got out I wrapped a towel around my hair. The smell of copper was filling the air. I ended up cutting deeper than usual and it was still bleeding. I applied some Neosporin and bandaged it. I may cut but I don’t want it to get infected. I put the sweats I had been wearing earlier back on and my Black Veil Brides shirt with a zip up hoodie over it. I opened the door and saw Joey going down the stairs. I ran after him and yanked him back into my room. “What were you going to do?!” I semi yelled. “I’m sorry I just wanted to get some snacks and something to drink for the Scooby marathon. “ His eyes fell to the floor and I knew he was about to cry because I yelled. I pulled him in for a hug. “It’s okay Joe. How about I go get it? I can carry more.” I smiled at him. “Okay but hurry back.” He sniffled and hugged me tighter. I had to pry his arms off of me before walking down. This is going to be tricky. When I buy Joe and me food it’s usually in boxes and I keep it upstairs or I take him out to eat. So I’m going to have to steal some of my parents’ food. I haven’t gotten a paycheck since last week and I couldn’t get a lot of food because I didn’t have a lot of hours and I had to save some for my phone bill. If I didn’t need my phone I’d shut it off but whenever Joey runs into trouble I like to know he can call me. I got him a track phone. I know he’s only eight, but I am very protective of him. You’d be surprised at how many kidnappings happen every day. George was asleep on the recliner; beer in his hand snoring. I don’t know what he’s going to do if he finds out about me taking some of his food. I better hurry before he wakes up. Where’s Margaret? I tip-toed into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of Doritos and two bottles of juice. I turned and there was Margret maybe a foot from me. “What do you think you’re doing?” She hissed. “He’s hungry.” I whispered. She grabbed the Doritos from my hands and poured some in a sandwich bag then grabbed one of the juices. “That’s enough for him.” She crossed her arms studying me. “You look thin. You should eat something.” She smiled crookedly at me. I scowled at her while passing and ran up the stairs. Joey was wrapped up in a blanket watching in anticipation as Scooby ran from the monster. “Heya squirt. I brought you some snacks.” I chuckled as he jumped up and grabbed them from my hands. “Thank you!” He kissed my cheek then went back to watching the television. I sat down next to him and patted his hair lightly while he munched on his snacks. I slowly drifted to sleep to the sound of Joey chuckling like a little boy should. My dreams were clouded with visions of Chad and his taunting voice. “Come on baby girl. You know I just love you so much.” He groped my ass hard. I pushed against his chest with as much force as I could, he wouldn’t give. “Don’t expect for this not to happen when you’re wearing something so sexy.” He moaned and bit my neck. “Chad stop it! I don’t want to! I didn’t before either!” Tears were falling now. Chad and I have had sex before. Once. I didn’t want to but he looked so happy so I told him I was ready. Ever since then he hasn’t been the same. I didn’t have sex with him after that. When I woke I was sweating and breathing heavily. Joey was sleeping with cheddar fingers. I smiled at how messy he was. I scooted off the bed silently and took my black slacks from the hanger and put them on. Looking through my closet I found my white long sleeved cardigan and black tank top. I’ve got to get to work and drop Joey off before noon. My curls were impressively wild today, I huffed and threw my hair in a ponytail then let a few piece hang to help frame my face. “Joey, wake up,” I nudged him lightly then walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I walk back out, brushing my teeth and pushed him off the bed. “Hey!” He looked around bewildered. I laughed and said with a mouth full of paste “Come on, I got to go to work.” I walked back into the bathroom and spit out the remaining of the toothpaste. My phone buzzed on the sink; I picked it up hesitant. Unknown: Have a good day. One day, I’ll make sure you never have to work ever again. I locked the phone and set it down. I’m not going to be intimidated by a stalker. The urge to cut was growing strong now. I scratched at the bandages and stopped myself. I’m wearing a white cardigan; I don’t want anyone suspecting anything. “Joe, are you ready?” I yelled grabbing the mascara and applying some lightly to my lashes. “Yeah let’s go!” He yelled excitedly. I stepped into my black vans, not very classy with this outfit but oh well. Grabbing my bag I walked into my room and found Joey had fallen back asleep again. I sighed, I wish I could let him sleep in but I don’t trust Margret or George. I grabbed a washcloth and got it wet. Grabbing his hand I wiped the cheese off of his fingers and then his mouth. He groaned in response. “Joe, come on I’m sorry.” I said sitting next to him pushing him lightly with my hand. “Can’t you just stay home with me today and we can play.” He pouted and sat up. “No, we need the money bubby. I’m sorry.” I stood up and put my bag over my shoulder. “Later I promise we’ll do something. It’ll be just you and I.” I bent and kissed his forehead then grabbed his tiny hand in mine. “Go brush your teeth and change.” I smiled and he ran into the bathroom. Unknown: Blow me a kiss from your window? I walked over to the window opened it and up went my middle finger. I looked around hoping I’d catch whoever the creep was. Unknown: Sassy, I like it. You look hot in that outfit babe. I closed the window, a little freaked out. We walked to Tony’s quickly and I told his mom I’d be back by 6 to pick him up. When I got to work we were packed. “Alanna!” I heard my manager yell. God, he was gorgeous. His black hair was fringed to the side and his green eyes were mesmerizing. He had smooth milky skin that I wanted to run my hands all over. “Yes Mr.Zeno?” I smiled at him. I need some more hours. “We really need some help around here. Do you think you could work Friday?” He smiled politely. He’s always been nice to me ever since I started working here. “You know I can’t cook anything on the menu.” I giggled. “You could help with the dishes.” He shrugged his shoulders still grinning. “Fine but only since you asked nicely. What hours?” Even though I hate doing dishes, money is money. “11 to 8?” Damn, that’s all day, Tony’s mom will not be happy. “Okay I’m going to go clock in.” I waved and turned. “Oh and Alanna? Why are you calling me Mr.Zeno? You know how much I hate that. You’re acting like it’s your first day again.” He grinned at me tilting his head to the side a little. “I know, I’m just messing with you, Jace.” I turned away and started my shift smiling.
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