Calling CPS wouldn't help; all that would do is separate Joey and I. I won’t let that happen. I can take a few beatings from George for my brother. I’m sixteen, two more years and Joey and I will be living on our own. Why don’t we just leave now? George has threatened me if I leave. That he would find us and he would make Joey pay. He said I would regret it. So I’m waiting until I’m eighteen and have enough money saved up to get far away from him. I already have about a grand saved but I need way more than that to get away. We’ll need new identities. George is friends with a lot of cops that’s why he hasn't been reported. Joey is eight years old; this shouldn't be happening to him. This isn't fair to him, when I was his age I was happy, my parents loved me. He doesn't deserve to be hit, he hasn't and he won’t.


1. Chapter One

I slid the cold razor across my mutilated wrist.  Closing my eyes I took pleasure in the pain. I felt nothing but numb. No emotions, no memories of my past, and no worries for the future; just the way I like it.  Nothing would ever give me the rush that this did.  I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as the blood spilled down my wrist. I looked around the old abandoned park. Alone.  I am and always will be, alone. I wrapped my other arm around the old rusted swing and swayed slowly and closed my eyes in exhaustion. From life, from people, from everything, I was just done.  I hadn't one thought of the emotional pain I had endured the past few years.  I focused on the pain entirely.


After a minute of harmony I felt soft cloth on the cut I had just inflicted. My eyes flew open.  A shirtless boy kneeled in front of me and was applying his shirt to my cut attempting to stop the bleeding. I wanted to yank my arm away and hit him, he had no right! But just as I went to hit him his eyes flickered to mine. I let him take my hand back in his. I tilted my head slightly and stared in fascination.  His pale blue eyes popped with golden skin and hair, his eyelashes were long and thick. He was beautiful. I couldn't help but notice his toned body in front of mine, he obviously lifted, he didn't have abs but was skinny. He wasn't buff but not scrawny, more like perfect. I could feel my pulse fasten and had to stop myself from blushing. He had been biting his bottom lip in concentration his brows furrowed in worry or was he disgusted?


I had disgusted him. Of course, no one would ever worry for me. I yanked my arm from his gentle hands. “What do you think you’re doing?!” I yelled keeping my arm out of his reach. “What am I doing?! You’re the one hurting yourself! Hey- come back, I’m sorry!!” He yelled after me.  I was already half way across the park ready to go home.  I heard the patter of footsteps behind me, stopped and sighed.  “Please at least tie this around your cut.” He said and handed me his shirt again.  I rolled my eyes and put it on my wrist. “This really isn't even a bad cut.” I said tying it around my wrist tightly in frustration.  “Happy?” I said raising it to eye level.  His blue eyes looked as if a thunder storm were taking place inside them; his eyebrows came together in confusion. “Of course not, why would you do that?” He questioned. “That’s none of your business.”  I snapped and turned to walk away. 


“I’m not judging you if that is what you’re thinking. I just want to understand why. Why someone would purposely inflict pain on themselves? Do other people know you do this?” He said still trailing behind me shirtless. He’s lucky it isn’t August yet, we have extremely hot summers and cold ass winters. Either way you’re fucked.  “You don’t even know me. Why do you care?” I said crossing my arms and lifting my tote bag higher on my shoulder. “Maybe I want to know you. What’s your name?” I really don't know why he's even trying. “Hmm so you aren't going to tell me what your name is, are you?” He smiled at me.  I guess he was just trying to be friendly,  but things like that never work out for me.  Someone always gets hurt and it's usually me.  He gently grabbed the divot between my lip and chin, brushed my curly hair out of my face, and looked me straight in the eye.  I gave my best attempt at glaring while keeping eye contact with him; I will not be seen as a coward. “You have beautiful eyes.” He said his lips tilting upwards in a smile.


“You must say that to all the girls.” I rolled my eyes. “Hmm feisty I can tell.  I want to get to know you.  I promise you that I will. I won’t tell your secret.” I raised an eyebrow at him. “What makes you think it’s a secret?” I said. “The long sleeves show you don’t want anyone to see.” He slowly pulled down both sleeves to cover the ugly scars. He lowered his mouth to my hand and kissed it softly while looking into my eyes. “I’ll see you around.” He said and turned to leave. “Wait.” I said and took a step forward. “What is your name?” I asked chin held up high. He smiled looking at the ground then at me and stepped forward so our bodies were inches apart.  “I’m Derek. Derek Resider. I just moved here in June.” He said smiling. “How come I've never seen you around before?” I asked while squinting my eyes. 


“I kept to myself most of the summer.” He said scratching the back of his head.   “Why?”  He didn't seem annoyed by me questioning him . "Nothing, I was just new here and didn't know anyone.”  He said looking slightly embarrassed. “Can I ask you another question?” I watched as he slid his fingers in his jean pockets idly. “You just did.” He chuckled lightly. “Sure, go for it.” He leaned back and cracked his neck. “Why did you help me? Why not just pretend you didn't see anything.” I said keeping a straight face.  “You remind me of someone I used to know.  I can’t just pretend I didn't see anything, especially not when I see someone as beautiful as you doing it.” He looked at his feet and smiled.  Oh please, he was really trying to flirt with me.  I looked down when I saw the time on his watch-3:30! Shit! I forgot about Joey I had to get home now! “I have to leave! Bye!” I turned and ran as fast as I could.  


A/N: Thank you if you've read all of it.  I have way more typed but I didn't want to overwhelm you in the first chapter.  If you like it please tell me otherwise I won't put the rest up.  Please leave your opinions below. xx

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