Harry's Baby Girl 2

Its been 1 year since Lauren died. And Zayn isn't taking it too well. But will something, or someone, surprise him at his door? Read to find out what happens


2. The Story

Rosemary's P.O.V.


I was playing dress up with Jasmyne when the door bell rang. I told her that i would be back, but she couldn't understand me. She is only a one-year-old. I went to go and see who it was, I saw daddy on the floor and.....

"MOMMY?!?!?!?" i screamed running towards her. She picked my up spining me around and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Mommy, where have you been? Daddy told me you were dancing with the angels, but never told me when you were coming back. Mommy, you have to see Jasmyne and James and....." she cut me off.

"Baby girl, i don't think i can stay. Mommy needs to go somewhere, i just came to say hi." she told me. I didn't understand, i waited for a long time to see her again, and she tells me she needs to go.

"Mommy, where do you need to go?" i asked her.

"In hiding, unless daddy wakes up." she answered.

Just then, daddy woke up. Maybe mommy can stay, but i saw her turning around to walk out. I grabbed her arm and forced her to stay, she needs to stay. I want my mommy and daddy to raise me. Not just my daddy. I took her to the playroom and showed her Jasmyne, mommy started to cry. I calmed her down just like she used to do to me, then we started to play dress up. Just like mommy used to, and still does.


Zayn's P.O.V


I looked around, maybe it was just a dream.

"Mommy, look at Jasmyne!!" screamed Rose from the playroom, maybe it wasn't a dream. Maybe she really was here. I walked to the playroom and there she was. Even more beutiful, she dyed her hair a dirty blonde and straightened it, making it curl in the end. She looked over at me and she had Hazel eyes instead of those chocolate brown ones. I couldn't believe she was standing there, she looked like an angel.

"Lauren? I thought you were dead." i said, on the brink of crying. Did she do this as a prank?

"Babe, can we go to the other room? Maybe the master bedroom?" she asked me. She told Rose that she would be back and to keep and eye on Jasmyne. We went to the master bedroom.

"Lauren, why?" i asked her.

"I need to tell you something very important, and you promise not to get really mad at me after, ok?" she told me. I nodded, then she told me the story. It was really long, but i'll sum it up. She was getting a lot of hate and death threats on twitter, she was cutting, and even thought of suicide. She did have Lung Cancer when she was younger, and it did come back, the second time she "Died" was fake, the first time was real. She planned it all, her parents were in on it. She called them before anything else happened. She told me that she couldn't handle it, and she didn't want her kids to grow up with a suicidal mother.

"Lauren, that was stupid, but,.......I still love you." i told her. I leaned in, and so did she. We started to kiss, and the sparks? Still there, it felt like the first time we kissed, passion, love, and, i have to confesse, a little bit of lust. We started to snog (make-out) and it ended up with our clothes in the corner and us making love.

"Lauren, promise me you'll never leave me ever again." i said looking her into her eyes.

"I promise i'll never leave you, Zaynie." she said, giggling to her nickname for me. She called me that when she was pregnant with the twins. We got dressed and went out to see Rose and Jasmyne watching T.V.

"Zayn, can i see James?" she asked me. I went and took her to his room.


Lauren's P.O.V.


We went to James room, it was a toy story theme. I looked at the crib, there was my baby boy, in a very deep sleep.

"He looks like you." i said, looking towards Zayn. He nodded, looking at me, still amazed that i'm alive. Ya, i did change my look, but i don't want to change it back. I like this look better. I just kept looking at my baby boy, my miracle child, because i didn't even know he existed until he was born. All of a sudden he opened his eye, he looked at me very closely.

"Momma?" he said, looking at me. I probably had the biggest smile on my face, but when i looked at Zayn, he had a face of surprise. I lifted up my baby boy.

"Yep, i'm your Momma. Zayn, why are you so surprised?" i asked, looking at Zayn.

"That's his first word, he never said anything. Jasmyne says Momma all the time, looking at your pictures, but he stayed quite." he said, still looking surprised. I looked at James, and boy, did he look like Zayn. I gave James to Zayn and went to go and see Jasmyne.

"Hey Jas." i said, picking her up.

"Momma!" she said, looking right at me. She looked exactly like me, i never thought that it was possible, for twins to look like one of there parents, yet here they are. I look at Rose, and walked over to her.

"Did ya miss me baby girl? i asked her.

"Yes, are you going to stay? Please!!!" she said, looking right at me.

"Of course, i don't want to miss anything else." i said, bending down to give her a kiss on the forehead. Jasmyne was falling asleep so i put her in her room. Her room was princess themed, and i absolutly loved it. I put her in her P.Js and put her in her crib.

"Mommy, come and see my room. Daddy and Uncle BooBear, Hazza, LiLi, and Niall helped me pick it out. Auntie Christine, Katie and Jasmine helped too." she said dragging me to her room. When i stepped in i was in utter shock.

All around the room where sayings, lyrics, and pictures. Most of the sayings were stuff i told her. The pictures were of me and her. Everything had me in it. She told me to help her move her tall dresser. I moved it and behind it was a drawing of me and Zayn when we first met. It looked like the picture i have as my background. Then off to the side was a drawing of all of us in the hospital, the day the twins were born. In the bottom right corner was a signiture i would recognize anywhere.

"Zayn?" i asked, choking on my own words because i was about to cry.

"Yes, oh, you saw it?" he asked. Coming up behind me, hugging me. I started to cry, i turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Thank You, you kept your promise." i said, kissing him.

"Ewwww, Mommy, Daddy. Stop!" said Rose, covering her eyes. I went up to her and started to tickle her. She ran away and tried hiding behind Zayn, but he turned around and started to tickle her too. It all turned into a tickle fest, but we all got tired and flopped down on her Queen sized bed. Gosh, was Zayn spoiling her. I turned to her.

"Happy late birthday baby girl." i said, pulling out a necklace out of my pocket. I gave the same one to Zayn. What the necklace said was: 'Malik family forever'. i pulled out two more that were ment for the twins. Then Zayn came up to me and went down on one knee.

"Lauren, i think you left this here." he said, pulling out the engagement ring. He put it one my finger. I went and got the twins out of their crib, then we took a photo.




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