Harry's Baby Girl 2

Its been 1 year since Lauren died. And Zayn isn't taking it too well. But will something, or someone, surprise him at his door? Read to find out what happens


6. Take Me Back

*2 Months Later*

Rosemary's P.O.V.


Mommy had been gone for about 2 months now. I miss her even more. I haven't talked to Daddy for a while because it's his fault that she left. I can't belive that he told her about Victoria, and she was really mean to me. The last time I talked to Mommy was when she was scolding me for cutting myself. I told her that i was sad because her and daddy were fighting, but it was because Victoria was hurting me, she was even hurting the twins. And Daddy never noticed it. I keep begging him to call her and get her back, but he keeps telling me he can't.

"Daddy, can we order pizza?" i asked him, he was on the floor crying his heart out with a picture of Mommy in his arms. He has been like this since she left, all because of him. He nodded and got the phone. The doorbell rang and i went to go and answer it.

"Mommy?" there infront of me, i couldn't believe it.

"Yes baby girl, i couldn't stay away from you. Or the twins. And yes, i couldn't stay away from Zayn. I lost you once, i don't want to lose you again." she told me, she missed Daddy, maybe they can get back together. I told her to wait there and went to get Daddy.

"Daddy, wake up, someone's here to see you." i told him, trying to wake him up softly, like Mommy told me to all the time.


Zayn's P.O.V


Rose woke me up and told me someone was here to see me. God, i hope it's not Victoria, i hate her, but i needed to get Lauren off my mind, but it never worked. I went downstairs and surprisingly it wasn't Victoria but...

"Lauren?" i asked, looking at the person's back of their head. They turned around and sure enough it was Lauren. I couldn't believe my eyes. She came back, even if i probably broke her heart. I still had the engagement ring, but Victoria found it, and she thought that i was going to propose to her. The worse thing is that she put it on and goes around and says that we are engaged, I hope Lauren doesn't know.

"Yes, Zayn, it's me. Look, I know that you are engaged and all, but i wanted to be here for the kids." she said, clearly hurt and dissapointed. Does this mean that she still loves me? Becasue if she does, then I'm willing to buy another ring and propose to her because, I am so in love with her, Nobody can bring me down from Cloud 9. But wait, crap, she heard about the whole Victoria thing.


"Lauren, I'm not engaged. Trust me, i was going to break-up with her. But, she found the engagement ring and thought that it was for her. She put it on and is parading around saying that we are engaged. Look, if you love me, i will buy another ring and put it on your finger again. I'm soo in love with you, i'm on Cloud 9 and no one can bring me down. Lauren, please take me back!!" i pleaded with her, and just that moment Victoria walks in.

"Zayn? Are you cheating on me? Your Fiance?" asked Victoria, god she was clueless.

"No Victoria. You're not my Fiance, Lauren is. She always has been. So can i have the ring you stole back, or else i will call the police." i told her, looking at her, making sure that i was taken seriously. She looked scared, she gave me the ring but then pinned Lauren on the ground.


Lauren's P.O.V


Victoria pinned me on the ground and i was scared about what she was going to do, but only one thing came to mind.

"Please don't hurt it!!!" i screamed at her, holding ontl my stomach for dear life. Zayn pried her off of me and again, threated to call the police, she ran out screaming and cursing at me and Zayn.

"Lauren, what or who were you trying to protect?" asked Zayn.


I guess it's now or never.

"Zayn, I'm..........."





Holla, me llamo Miguelito!!!

LOL JK, my name is Lauren.


I just wanted to say that i'm not trying to be mean to anyone named Victoria, it's just i know a bitch that her name is Victoria. That is all.



Lots Of Love For My Little Carrots,

Miguelito (Lauren)





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