Harry's Baby Girl 2

Its been 1 year since Lauren died. And Zayn isn't taking it too well. But will something, or someone, surprise him at his door? Read to find out what happens


1. Memories

*1 year later*


Zayn's P.O.V.


I was packing up all of Lauren's things, i didn't want to be reminded of her everywhere i looked. The twins turned 1 the other day, James looks a lot like me, but Jasmyne is like an exact repleca of Lauren, they even had the same laugh and smile. I was puting away the scrapbooks when one opened, there was a picture of us there in the first page. I looked at the cover and it said 'Me and Zayn' and hearts all over it.

*Listen to California King Bed by Rihanna*


The first picture was of us when she was fourteen. I remember that day like it was yesterday



Me and the boys were already late to the concert. We had just gotten there and we were all laughing becasue of something Louis said. I looked at the door and there was a girl about to open it. Harry noticed her too and ran up to her, she turned just in time to see Harry right infront of her face. She looked over at me and boy, was she beutiful. I saw this twinkle in her eyes, and i'm pretty sure there were in mine becasue we both started to blush. Harry didn't seem to happy but Liam said that we needed to go. They all started walking but i went up to the girl and handed her a backstage pass and said "I really like you". After that, she smiled and went inside. The boys looked at me funny, but Harry seemed jelous. We went on stage and were welcomed by the screaming voices of our fans. I scaned the audience looking for the girl i saw earlier. I found her and kept staring at her, i couldn't keep my eyes off of her. The concert was over and i was excited for the girl to come backstage. Everyone that was part of it came and went. I kept waiting for the girl to come. Finally, she came and realized that she was the only one left. She stayed for the rest of the night, we gave her a few vodka bottles and she had 2 1/2. We found out her name was Lauren, and that she was a HUGE fan of ours. Harry said that she was going to put her in the bed, i didn't really think anything of it. She left the next morning, never to be seen again.




I was already crying, she took that picture of just us two, she told me that she really liked me too. I didn't think that i would ever see her again. I kept flipping through the pictures and the next one i landed on was a drawing, it was a drawing of me trying to confort her, it looked like a motel becasue of the background. Then it hit me. That was the day i saw her again, and found out Harry got her pregnant.




Me and the boys were back in Miami, these places bring back so many memories. We were laughing along the hallway of some empty motel we were staying at. Then, we noticed that there was a tray of food outside a door.

"hey boys i think that there is someone else here." said Harry pointing towards the door. The front desk lady knocked on the door. Suddenly, a girl that i recognized opened the door, Lauren. The front desk lady whispered something to her, and whatever she said worried Lauren because she turned pale. Suddenly, a little girl came running down the hall screaming "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!" running towards Lauren. She bent down to catch her and Harry and the rest of the boys turned around to look at her. She picked up the little girl.

"Mommy? How old are you?" asked Harry, i guess he didn't recognize her. Lauren turned around and answered him, she said that she was 18 and that was her daughter Rosemary, she looked a lot like Harry. My eyes met Lauren's and i saw the same twinkle in her eyes again. We both blushed and looked at the floor. Suddenly Liam screamed something.

"Hold on. Your're 18 now and we met you 4 years ago. that means you were 14!!! You guys! we got a 14 year old drunk!!!!" he screamed. I was shocked, the boys and her were having a conversation, ut i didn't listen. I was in love with a 14-year-old. And i loved her even more, if that was possible. Harry started to curse and Lauren went to put Rose to bed.

Lauren and Harry were screaming at eachother when she came back into the room, it registered what they were screaming about. Harry was Rosemary's daughter. I took Lauren back to the room and tried to comfort her, she went to go take a shower and i was left with Rose. Rose started to cry in her sleep so i comforted her back to bed, that day she asked me and Lauren if we loved eachother, and we both said yes.




I kept flipping through the scrapbook, all these memories flooding back. The last picture was of all of us in the hospital. Me, Rose, Lauren, Jasmyne and James. That was the day that the twins were born. I started to full out ball out teirs. Rose came into the room, with Jasmyne and James holding one of her hands.

"Daddy, can we order pizza?" asked Rose, i never learned to cook. Rose always askes where Lauren is and i have to tell her that she's dancing with the angels, and it breaks my heart eveytime because she asks when she's coming back. I went to order the pizza like everyday. Little did i know that this time it would be different. When i went to open the door i saw a face i thought i will never see again.


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