Harry's Baby Girl 2

Its been 1 year since Lauren died. And Zayn isn't taking it too well. But will something, or someone, surprise him at his door? Read to find out what happens


7. I Love You, 3 simple words, but hard to say

Lauren's P.O.V


"Zayn, Im...........pregnant, again." i told him.


*1 week later*


Me and Zayn got back together, and this time forever. We would start planning the wedding, but we need to tell the boys that i'm still alive. But how?


"Lauren!!! Me and Rose are going to Skype the boys!!! Want to join? We can tell them!!!" Scremed Zayn from another room. I started to walk over there, i think that it's time we tell them that i'm alive, and well, pregnant.




Everyone: Hey Zayn and Rose

Zayn: Hey

Rose: Hiya

Niall: Did you visit her the other day? We didn't see you there.

Zayn: Actually, she visited me. Come here Babe.

Lauren: Holla!

Everyone: LAUREN!!!!!!!!!


Lauren: *tells them everything* (minus the being pregnant thing)

Christine: That was stupid, but at least your alive! (she's crying)

Lauren: Christine, weren't you pregnant?

Christine: Ya, Niall, can you get him?

Lauren: OMG!! You had a boy? Let me guess James Niall Horan?

Christine: (now holding her baby) Yep, Lauren, meet James. Me and Niall's son.

Lauren: Wow, he looks like you, but with Niall's crystal blue eyes.

Christine: Ya, I know. Oh and look (holds up her left hand)

Lauren: OMG!!! Is that an engagement ring? Nice pick, Niall. Congrats!!!!

Niall and Christine: Thank You!!

Lauren: I'm gonna go check on the twins. (gets up, everyone can see her baby bump)

Katie: Lauren?

Lauren: Ya?

Katie: Um, nevermind, when can we see you guys?

*Lauren shrugs and goes to get the twins*

Zayn: How about tommorrow?

Harry: YAY!!!!! *does a little happy dance*

Zayn: Harry, remember, she is MY girl. *laughs a little in the end*

Harry: I know mate, i'm just happy that i get to see Lauren again.

*Zayn nods and Lauren comes back with the twins*

Lauren: Jasmyne, James, say hi.

Jasmyne & James: *does little baby wave at the same time*

Jasmine: OMG!!! Wynter and Zac do that too!!! I miss my babies Louis! *starts to teir up*

Lauren: Really!! Cool! Um, where are they?

Jasmine: They are at Louis' mums house.

Lauren: Oh, Jasmine, is that a british accent i hear?

Jasmine: Yep, i lived her so long that i picked it up. Well, i'm gonna go, i'm completely knackerd. Bye!!

Everyone: Bye!!!

Zayn: Well, see ya tommorrow. Looks like the kids need to go to bed. Bye!!!!!!

Everyone: BYE!!!!

*End Skype Call*


"Well, that was fun. But do you know what Katie wanted?" i asked Zayn after we ended the skype call.

"It was. But Babe, i think they saw this." he answered, putting his hand on my stomach.

"Wow, I didn't even realise that i had a baby bump." I said, laughing in the end.

"I guess we can tell them tommorrow." he said, just then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." i told him, he nodded.

I went and opened the door.

"Hi?" i said, looking at the pink haired girl at the door.

"Hi, is Zayn here?" she asked, i've seen her before, but i can't put my finger on it.

"Sure, hold on." i said, i let her in and showed her the family room.

I went upstairs and went into Jasmyne's room. There he was trying to get her to stop crying.

"Zayn, there is someone here for you. I don't know who she is, she has pink hair." i said, he looked confused too. I took Jasmyne from him and went down stairs with him. I pointed to the family room and headed to the kitchen to get a bottle for Jasmyne. She drank it all and then i headed to the family room.

"Lauren, i'll like you to meet Perrie." said Zayn, he looked guilty of something. I'm gonna talk to him later.

"Hi Perrie, I'm Lauren." i said, shaking Perrie's hand.

"Nice to meet you Lauren. And who is this?" she said, shaking my hand and looking at Jasmyne.

"That's Jasmyne." said Zayn.

"Awww, she is soo cute. And she looks a lot like you Lauren." said Perrie.

"Thanks, James looks a lot like Zayn." i told her.

"James? You have son too?" she asked.

"Ya, Jasmyne and James are twins and Rosemary is 7-years-old." i told her.

"Wow, three kids. How old are you?" she asked me.

"I'm 21." i told her, proud that even though i'm young, i have accomplished almost everything i wanted too.

"Oh, you're really young. Don't you think that you grew up a little too fast?" she asked, well that was rude.

"No, i'm happy right now. I love my three kids and Zayn, my fiancee." i told her, and it was all true.

"Aww babe." said Zayn, coming up and kissing me infront of Perrie. Wait, she looks even more familier.

"Is your full name Perrie Edwards?" i asked her. She nodded.

"OMG!!! You're from Little Mix!!! I love all your songs!!!! You're my favorite." i told her. That's why she looked familier, but didn't her and Zayn date.

"Awww, it's nice to meet a fan. You are personaly one of my favorites becasue every fan that i meet, they attack me." she said laughing.

"Thank you. Well, would you like to stay for lunch?" i aksed her. She nodded her head and said thank you. Just then i heard James crying through the baby monitor. I handed Jasmyne to Zayn and went upstairs to get James. Then i heard talking through the baby monitor.

"You didn't tell me you had a fiancee!!!" screamed Perrie.

"Well, you didn't give me the chance." he told her.

"I think there was time to tell me you had a fiancee before i kissed you!!" screamed Perrie.

"No there wasn't. But we never speak of this ever again. I love Lauren, she just came back and i can't loose her again." he told her.

"You know what Zayn, I LOVE YOU are 3 simple words, but they are hard to say. But guess what they aren't for me. I love you Zayn!!! Why can't you love me!?!?! I'm probably better than her. She is 21 years old, 3 kids, she gave birth to one of them when she was 14!!! That one probably isn't even yours.!!!" screamed Perrie.

"Perrie, I DON'T love you. I love Lauren. I don't care how old she is. My parents were 10 years apart. Love always finds its way. You will find the person that you are going to marry. But that isn't me. I'm gonna marry Lauren." he said.

Just then, i heard a door slam. I put James back in his crib and ran to me and Zayn's room. I locked the door and started to cry, Zayn cheated on me. There was a knock on the door.

"Lauren, let me in." said Zayn.

"NO!!! I DONT LET CHEATERS IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME!!!" i screamed at him.

"Lauren, I didn't cheat, she kissed me." he said. I heard a click and then the door opened. I forgot that there was a spare key on the top of the door frame.

"Lauren, please listen to me." he said, trying to convince me.

"I heard you two, she said that she loved you." i said, still crying.

"Ok, she said that, but i told her that I love you, and that i'm marrying you." he told me, he did say that. He came and tried conforting me. I stopped crying and kissed him.

"Thank you for defending me Zayn." i told him.

"Lauren, I LOVE YOU, 3 simple words, but hard to say." he told me.

"Zayn, I LOVE YOU, 3 simple words, but hard to say." i told him.

He started to sing a song, but didn't know what he was singing intil it hit me, "Turn Your Face" by Little Mix

In my memory,
all the small things like daggers in my mind
In my memory,
while my head bleeds the words i'll never find
That I always meant to say to you
I Can't

Cause you Turned your face
& now I can't feel you anymore
Turn your face so now
I can't see you anymore
Walk away until you're not standing at my door
Turn your face,
Walk away, & stay Turn your face
In my memory,
I was hurtin long before we met,
oh In my memory,
they're still burnin,
fingerprints you left
And I always meant to say to you
I Can't
So just turn your face,
until I can't see you anymore
Turn your face
until I can't see you anymore
Walk away, until you're not standing at my door
Turn your face,
walk away,
& stay Turn Your Face

I joined and sang with him

Each time I take you back,
you bring one thousand cracks
And I accept them like a fool ooooh

So now what's your excuse?
What do we have to lose?
Since i'm already losing you.

So hard to face
that i can't feel you anymore
Hard to face
that i can't see you anymore

So walk away
until you're not standing at my door
turn your face, walk away, & stay Turn your face Turn Your face & stay.. TURN YOUR FACE

We looked into each others eyes, i didn't know if it was in the heat of the moment, but we started to full out snog (make-out). We didn't do anything more because of the baby. I looked into his eyes again, i saw a mix of love, longing, happiness, and......lust?

"No Zayn, we can't. It might hurt him." i told him.

"I'm sorry, i didn't mean it." he said, looking down.

"Babe, are you blushing?" i asked him. He shook his head but he defenitly was.

"Awwww, i'm making you blush. Don't be ashamed, it's adorable. It shows that you have feelings." i told him. I kissed him, but i could tell he wanted more.

"No Zayn. Lets go and eat." i told him. We orded Thai, all of us love it. I can't get over what he told me though. It was adorable, maybe it was hard for him to say at first, but Rose made it easier.




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