Harry's Baby Girl 2

Its been 1 year since Lauren died. And Zayn isn't taking it too well. But will something, or someone, surprise him at his door? Read to find out what happens


3. Hate, again

Zayn's P.O.V.

I can't believe that i have Lauren back, MY Lauren. I missed her so much, i can't believe that she was hiding the whole time. It was very stupid of her, but at least she is alive and with me here. She gave us all necklace the said "Malik Family Forever" and she had one herself; even the twins got one. We were all going out today so we can celebrate the twins birthday, as a family that is finnally complete.

"Lauren, are you ok?" i asked her, she was leaning over the toliet, throwing up her guts. I went over and pulled her hair back.

"Shhhh, its ok. You probably just caught a bug. That's all." i said, trying to calm her down. This has never happened, she never threw up. Infact, i don't think she even got sick when i was with her. The last time she thought that she was sick.......oh no. Last time she was sick, she found out she was pregnant with the twins. Fuck, didn't i use protection.

"Babe, can you let go of my hair?" she asked me, looking me in the eyes. I nodded letting go of her beutiful hair. I looked her in the eyes, and they had that little happiness thing. She was glowing, radiant even, just like she was when she was pregnant with the twins.

"Sorry, i was just thinking of what you might have." i said, looking towards her.

"Babe, i knew what you were thinking. I can't be. I can't handle another one. We already have three, i think that is enough." she said, looking towards me. She started walking, but i couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She was so beutiful, long, dirty blonde hair that curls in the end. The goldest hazel eyes. She looked like a model that steped off a magazine, well, too me she is. She still thinks that she is fat, ugly and not good enough for me, but that is what the people on twitter said about her. People were actually happy that she was dead.

"Babe, can you come and help me get breakfast ready?" asked Lauren, poking her head out of the kitchen.

"Ya, just hold on." i answered, I looked through the cabinets and found some old pregancy test that she had at the old apartment. I don't think these thing expire, right? You can never be to sure.


Lauren's P.O.V


I was trying to get breakfast ready, and Zayn still hadn't come and helped. I was going to go and look for him when he came in with a sleeping Rose.

"Babe, why did you take her out of her bed?" i asked him.

"Well, she called me over to her room. When i went there, she put up her arms. She does that when she wants me to carry her." he answered me. i just nodded and went back to cooking. He put Rose on the couch with a blanket covering her. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, putting his hands on my stomach.

"Babe, are ya sure you don't want another kid?" he asked me. I didn't no what to answer him, i did, but not now.

"I would like one, but i don't want one now. It's way too soon, well, for me it is." i answered him, at least it was true. He just nodded and put his chin on my sholder, watching me cook from over my sholder.

"Done!" i said, putting the last pancake on the plate. Zayn took one and started to eat it. I just shook my head and grabbed two plates, splitting the pancakes in three, so Rose can still have a plate. I woke her up and she walked into the dining room. We started to eat, but Zayn took a bite out of my pancake. As revenge i took a bite out of his, of course he just pouted, shook it off, and kept eating. Rose looked at as funny becasue we actually continued the little "i eat your pancake if you eat mine" game. She just shook her head and kept eating. Me and Zayn finished eating and put our plates in the sink. Rose came out from behind us and got a stool, and put her plate in the sink, washing it. I just looked at her in shock.

"Zayn, did you teach her to wash her own dishes?" i asked him. He just nodded and smiled, obviously proud of his parenting skills. We went to go and check on the twins and they were both awake. I took Jasmyne and Zayn took James. We went down stairs and prepared their bottles.

"Babe, is twitter still popular?" i asked him, i didn't use it anymore.

"Ya, but, you're not going on it." he said looking at me with a straight face. I nodded, i was going to go on it. But when he wasn't looking. James started to cry and Zayn made a face.

"Let me guess, he took a crap in his diper?" i said, looking for Zayn's reaction, he nodded and started to head upstairs. I put Jasmyne in the playpen and got out my phone. I downloaded twitter and logged in. I started to cry, all these people were happy that i was "dead". One tweet caught my eye becasue the name seemed familier.

@magabylovespat: I can't belive that she is gone. She was my best friend, and now, i'll never see her ever again. R.I.P @LoriG5899 or should i say, 'Shorty'. :'(


I really wanted to reply, but i couldn't. She couldn't know that i was alive, not yet. First, we need to tell the boys. Zayn came down stairs. Crap, now here come the questions.


Zayn's P.O.V


I was heading down stairs when i heard sniffling, oh no.

"Lauren?!" i screamed running down the stairs. There she was on the couch, her phone on the coffe table, crying. Did she go on twitter?

"Lauren, are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?" i asked her. Looking her in the eyes, i saw love, happiness, and.....hurt?

"No, you went on didn't you?" i said, she just nodded and looked at her phone. I put James next to Jasmyne, i looked at her phone. There were all these tweets saying that they were happy she was dead. Then i saw that one of her friend, and i laughed at her nickname.

"Shorty?" i asked her. She just started to laugh, smiling.

"Ya, i was the shortest out of all my friends. Didn't you see me when i stood next to Christine!!" she said, laughing at all the old memories.

"Lauren, can you tell me about your past?" i asked her.

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