Ellie Jones is a normal 15 year old girl. Well, like most teenagers, she had a secret. But it was not just one big secret. Not two, but THREE big confidential secrets that nobody knew about. She only had one person to tell, and that was her best friend, Reychel Appleby. One day, she met a boy called Austin Taylor, at the beach. Austin is desperate for Ellie to open up about her life. Will Ellie ever trust Austin enough to tell him about her tragic past?


1. Prologue; A Sunset Dream

Sand tickling the soles of my feet, the smell of the salty sea found it's way to my nose, the cool breeze gently moving my hair out of my face, as I ran. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms gripped around my waist, then the next thing I knew, I was being spun around. Facing my wonderful boyfriend, I laughed nervously. He leant in and kissed me, with the sun setting. His hands pulling us closer to each other, so close that our hips were touching each other. I pulled away, and I took in each detail of my boyfriend. Slightly tanned skin, a bit of muscle in the right places, chocolate brown floppy hair, a cheeky smirk, caramel coloured eyes, he was really the most handsome boy you would ever see. His forehead rested on mine, and he whispers, "I love you Ellie," and he kisses me once again. 


..... Then I woke up

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