Ellie Jones is a normal 15 year old girl. Well, like most teenagers, she had a secret. But it was not just one big secret. Not two, but THREE big confidential secrets that nobody knew about. She only had one person to tell, and that was her best friend, Reychel Appleby. One day, she met a boy called Austin Taylor, at the beach. Austin is desperate for Ellie to open up about her life. Will Ellie ever trust Austin enough to tell him about her tragic past?


2. Chapter One-The Day Out To The Beach

"Hey ReyRey? Do you think these shorts are too short?" I ask my best friend, Reychel Appleby, and I tug at my very short denim shorts. "No way! Johnny will love these! Let have fun and show off your legs," Reychel answers, shoving me playfully. "Listen, Johnny and I are just best friends!" I scolded Reychel. "You both act like a couple! Look BooEl, just admit you like him! I can set you both up today," Reychel said excitedly. I felt my cheeks turn pink, "Okay, okay, okay, I admit. I do like him, but I'm scared of what he would think." I muttered. Reychel gasps, then starts laughing. "You both would look good together!" she teases. I shove her, blushing. I heard a knock at the bedroom door, then Reychel goes to open the door. "Hey Reych. Hellooooo babe," Johnny says, then he makes me feel special. Whoah, he sure does know how to make me feel special! I giggle nervously, and blush a bit. "All ready!" Reychel exclaims, shooing me out of our bedroom we shared. "I must say that you're looking beautiful as usual," Johnny whispered into my ear, flirting with me. I gently shoved him, laughing shyly.

Johnny, Reychel and I went downstairs into the living room where the other kids were waiting for our head careworker Mike to get our minibus fixed. "You look lovely!" Scarlet, Johnny's younger sister, exclaimed. "No, she isn't lovely. She's beautiful and stunning," Johnny said, smiling at me sweetly. I smile a smile that showed off my dimples, and that was the smile that sent Johnny wild. "Did you know that Liam loves you?" Johnny whispered into my ear, smirking at Liam. You're probably a bit confused at the moment, so let me tell you a teeny bit about myself. I'm Ellie Jones and I live in a care home with Johnny, Reychel, Liam, Scarlett and many other children. "The bus is fixed!" Mike cheered, and all of the children ran to the bus.

Johnny slapped my bum before winking and running on the minibus. He was obviously trying to make Liam jealous. I looked at Liam, and I could see jealousy in his brown eyes. I smile before walking outside. "Sit with me pleaseeeeeee?" Johnny asked childishly. I laughed and rolled my eyes, then I climbed in and sat down next to Johnny at the back of the minibus. "Are you sure about going there? After what happened with Scarlett when you both were little?" I ask Johnny worriedly. "Tee is 13 and I'm 15 now. I'm sure we're old enough to know what can happen." Johnny replies sarcastically. A pang of hurt appeared in my heart, Johnny was never sarcastic with me. He let me have the window seat so I looked out of the window, still feeling a bit hurt. I stayed quiet while the other children were chatting and laughing. The most strangest thing was that I never heard Johnny's typical loud laughter or his cute voice, until we arrived at the beach. "We're here," Johnny whispered to me, and he unbuckled my seat belt. I jump out of the minibus, with Johnny's help. "Sorry for being a bit harsh back there. I forgot you were sensitive," Johnny apologised and I accepted his apology with a smile and a nod. 

"You will need to go over there by the rocks, I'll get Johnny to meet you there, okay?" Reychel whispered into my ear, and I nod in reply. I go over to the rocks and sit on one, staring at the sea. "Are you okay?" I heard Liam's voice say. Damn, not him. I looked up at him, then he ran a hand through his quiff. I nodded and smiled nervously. He held out a hand and helped me up. I stood up and looked into his brown eyes, and for the first time, I thought he was handsome. "El, I need to tell you something," he says, his voice shaking a bit. "Anything," I smile. "I'm going to try something, don't slap me!" he joked, then his hand touched my cheek, then he leans in. I look at him and in a spilt second, our lips slammed against each other's. His other hand held my waist and pulled me closer to his body, so close that our hips touched. One of my hand held the back of his head, letting my fingers getting tangled in his quiff, while my other hand held his jaw. 

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