Telephone Tom

We all know now that Tom’s world is a simulated exam in a computer in a test room on board a colossal space ship but that doesn’t mean the adventures over. For the very first time Verance Highcorridor gets sucked into Tom’s world without going via the test room, it’s almost like that world has phoned him up and on his arrival trouble is pixilating. We all know Tom’s world is a computer-generated exam so what mustn’t we forget…computer viruses. Three stories, Two Toms, One giant silver wasp that reassembles itself after you hit it.
The …Tom Trilogy ends in spectacular fashion.
Unbelievable as it sounds this might be the exam that Verance fails…

This story was written in 2012, the prologue in 2013. Enjoy!


1. Prologue


I’m going to start with an apology. I’m very sorry but what I’m about to say will – to you - make no sense.

    My name is Fredrick Passage, I’m just your normal middle-aged young man but… something amazing has just happened, my eye’s have been opened to something else…’s very likely you’ll never hear my story.

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