Remember Me

Autumn and Niall have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Always seen together, basically inseparable. But that one night shatters everything, especially their friendship.

Autumn was a rebel, a rule breaker, with a flaring attitude. Always set on a different adventure every day. But she left all that behind once she left her hometown to move in with her Aunt Marylyn, ready to leave everything behind, especially her drunken and violent father. She’s let herself transform into everything she hated; following the rules, well-mannered, and impassive appearance. But once it’s summer break, Autumn’s father insists she come visit since he believes he’s a better person.

Autumn has no choice. And she fears that everything she worked so hard to bury deep inside her, will once again resurface, especially when Niall just lives right down the street from her. If Niall tempts her old self back, she knows that it will be too hard to resist.

Niall is the one who’s always been by h


1. Prologue




I watched over the sun set view, letting the warm summer breeze caress my cheeks. All was silent, except for the lucent water that lapped up lazily against the wooden bridge beneath me, and soon enough, little bright lights were shining up the nearby park, indicating that the fireflies were out to play. I stood upon the railing, deep in thought, wishing that I could always feel as free as I did right now. I guess I could, if I wanted to. I could take that one step and set myself free.

I could reunite myself with her…

“Autumn, what are you doing?” I jumped, forgetting that Niall was here. He sat on the railing beside me, watching my face intently. His blond wayward hair stuck out from beneath his tight-knitted beanie, and his lips were hardened in a straight line.

“Just thinking” I notified. I rolled my eyes at that worried old self of his.

“Well, would you get down from there?” Niall asked, his voice sounding unsure. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I won’t” I sighed, closing my eyes and spreading my arms out so that the warm air would comfort my skin. “I just wish I could see her again.”

“What nonsense do you have to babble on about now?” Niall came closer, looking uneasy at the green, murky water below us. “Can you just please get down? You’re scarring the shit out of me.” That was the thing about Niall. He is so wrapped up on keeping me safe, he never has time to think about anything else. It does get quite annoying at times, like now.

“But I like it up here, Niall.” I complained a bit dazed. “I don’t want to. I just want to see her again.” I leaned myself forward so that I was faced to see the dark waves ripple by, inching my way closer to the edge ever so slightly.

“Goddammit, Autumn! Get down now!” Before I had time to argue, his strong grasp was around my waste, lifting me into his body. He set me down, hugging me closely. “Don’t ever scare me like that again.” I gripped him tightly, the fabric of his white t-shirt scrunched beneath my fist. It was then that I was knocked out of my temporarily muddled moment.

“I...I..I wasn’t trying to scare you Niall. I don’t even know what just happened.” I flushed, looking up into his cerulean orbs that had just moments ago been terrified, but were now relieved.

“It’s okay, love. Just, please, I can’t do this without you. We’re a team, remember?” He whispered. He was right. We are a team, and I promised that not only would we always stick together as one; we would fight together as one.

“I’m so sorry…that was completely unlike me. You know that. I just…” I was stripped of words as I attempted to come up with an excuse as to why I almost just broke that promise, but it was useless. I’m weak, simple as that.

 “Shhh, it’s okay” he murmured, stroking the back of my brown locks. “I get it, you miss your mom. You’ll see her again someday…just not now.” I guess he did understand what I was “babbling” on about, but was just too focused on keeping me alive that he had probably let the information settle into the back of his mind. We stood there in a complete comfortable silence, letting the raindrops that began to fall drip coolly down our faces. It felt good, since the summer rain was warm, we didn’t have to run for cover.

“Can I ask you something?” I broke the silence. He grunted in response rubbing his hand up and down my back just how my mom used to. “Would you run away with me? Please, Niall, escape with me?” I pleaded.

He pulled me away to look me in the eyes, but kept me close enough so that our bodies were still aligned. “Autumn, I…” His eyes were filled with sadness, obviously reserved on how to come up with an excuse to say no. “I can’t… you can’t. Look, you’re having a hard time, and I know right now, you will do anything to make it go away, but think of it as just one chapter of your life that will eventually come to an end. And you can’t forget, I’m here for you, always will be.” I pouted my head to the floor, hoping to hide the stream of emotion that couldn’t help its self, but to show how weak I really am. “Please don’t cry.” He lifted my head by the chin so that I was forced to look at him. He used his thumb to wipe away the tears that forced their way down my cheeks.

“I don’t know how much more I can take, Niall. I want this chapter to be over already.” I choke. “But I’m happy you’re here for me, because to be honest, you’re the reason I’m still here. I don’t know what I would do without you. I have a feeling it wouldn’t be a happy ending.”  I dryly, joked.

Once again he was speechless, unable to give me an answer. “I…uh” But what he gave me instead, was definitely something that I wasn’t expecting in a million years. He crushed his lips to mine, tightening his grip around my waste. I let a small moan of appreciation escape, showing him that this has been all I wanted for so long. For him to be mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my fingers playing with his short blond locks. The kiss was intense, clearly something he’s been holding in as well.

He pulled away slowly, and rest his forehead to mine, our noses barley touching. “I just hate to imagine life without you.” I felt him shudder beneath me, and he sighed. “I love you." I smiled, placing a small kiss to his lips.

“I love you to, Nialler.” My heart felt like it was at an abnormal pace, the yearning for this boy destroying any feeling of defeat I had earlier. But then the thought struck my mind. I bit my lip, trying to come up with an easier way to say this, to the boy who finally admitted the feelings I’ve been dying to hear for so long. “But there's something I have to tell you."

“Tell me later. I don’t feel like ruining the moment, and I do need to get you home before your dad gets mad.” He shrugged, entwining his fingers with mine.

I scrunched up my nose, and stuck my tongue out at him. “Fine, I guess it could wait.” We walked home in another comfortable silence, enjoying what we now had together. Or what we had for this time being anyway.

We got to my doorstep, Niall refusing to let go of my hand. “So what is it that you wanted to tell me?” he asked.

I let out a huff of air, not wanting to go through with this. “Well, you see, my aunt…”

“Autumn is that you? Get your ass in here right now!” We heard heavy footsteps make their way towards the door. A wash of fear overcame me.

“Shit, leave now. Hurry!” I ripped my hand from Niall’s and shoved him down the front steps. Of course he tried to fight back, but the last thing I needed right now was to see him get hurt.

“No, Autumn I can deal with him. It’s okay. Just let me make sure you’re safe.” Here he goes again, trying to protect me. He tried to swat my hand away from his chest, but I used my body weight to push him even harder.

“No, he’ll hurt you.” I cried. “Please, just leave!” The door swung open and there he stood, the strong stench of alcohol swept through the air.

His dark, drunken eyes immediately rested on Niall, filled with infuriation. “What the fuck is he doing here? You know I told you to stop seeing this kid. Get the fuck off our property you little shit!” He hurled the bottle, aiming at his head, but I pushed him out of the way last minute, the bottle making a loud thump against my back. “Fuck, look what you made me do, you fucking cunt!”

“Shit, Autumn!” Ignoring my father’s threats, he scrambled next to me trying to help me up, but I pushed him away from me.

“No, please, just get out of here, now! If you loved me, you would leave.” I breathed, hoping he would listen.

“Please, no” Niall begged, watching me with a look of hurt.

“Go. Now” I insisted. He was in tears, probably crying harder than I ever had. He gave me one quick nod, and he was off, sprinting down the road, and me watching him until he became nothing more than a speck in the distance. I forgot I was still on the floor until I felt the hard grip around my wrist, and I was tugged off the ground roughly.

“Get inside, now” My dad clenched his jaw. “I told you if I saw him one more time…”

“I’m sorry, dad.” I softly spoke. “It won’t happen again.”

“No it won’t happen again. Go get your things. I’m bringing you to your aunts tonight.”

“What! I’m supposed to go next week week!” I shouted.

“Yeah, well that’s too bad, I changed my mind.” I glared at that the man in front of me. The man that used to be my father. I noticed that he struggled to look anywhere but me. My anger lightened, and turned to curiosity. His jaw relaxed, and to my surprise, he began to cry. He fell to his knees and sobbed into the palms of his hands. I drew another breath of air, and leaned down next to him. Yeah, I know he’s a dick and it’s probably the alcohol getting to him, but I felt bad considering I know how he must feel, since we were going through the same boat. About a month ago, my mom had died of leukemia, and ever since, my dad has drowned his sorrows in the comfort of alcohol. “I…I’m so sorry, Autumn. I don’t know what to do. I can’t be a father to you right now, I’m so, so sorry; I let you and your mother down.” He sniffled. “It’s just better off if you live with your Aunt Marylyn. She’ll take good care of you. I need to get my life back together for you, and for her.”

“Alright, dad, I’ll get my bags, and I’ll call a cab. You can’t drive me, like this.” I kissed his cheek, and quickly phoned myself a cab, before I could change my mind. It was hard, not to just hang up the phone right then and there, when my mind wouldn’t stop pestering me about Niall. But this is what I wanted, right? Even if it meant leaving the love of my life?  I ran inside, to gather up my bags, tripping over things, because I’m not able to see anything when my vision is blurred from the constant flow of tears. The sound of a horn blared outside, making my stomach lurch. Why did I make that phone call? Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Before I could get out the door, a small picture on my nightstand of Niall caught my eye. I grabbed the photo and stuffed it in the small pocket of my bag, before heading out the door full of guilt and heartbreak. I know this is for the best, but I just hope that one day, the boy who stole my heart would forgive me.

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