When She Fell

Just when Patch and Nora thought they would be spending a carefree summer together a couple of old friends of Patch's turns up. Rosie is no regular fallen angel, power radiates from her and she isn't afraid to use it. It isn't hard for Nora to see why Patch and Rosie became friends, she is just like patch, and with her boyfriend at her side these two fallen angels are set to cause mayhem not only with Patch and Nora's summer but the whole of Coldwater.


1. That Purple Light


As Nora climbed off Patch's motorbike it was a warm night, the idea of a carefree summer with Patch made her feel giddy. Delphic beach looked so inviting, the sound of gentle waves seemed so relaxing. Patch moved to her side, held her hand and began to guide her towards the entrance of their home. Nora could walk the tunnels leading to Patch's apartment with no trouble now, when they got inside the apartment it was just the same as the first time she ever entered it. Everything back where it should be. This was the first night back here since cheshvan and it felt right, it felt like home. Nora changed into some sweats and one of Patch's t-shirts and and settled down on the sofa while Patch got her some food but in the short time it had taken her to change her clothes something had changed, she could feel it, Patch could feel it to. He came from the kitchen with a sandwich Nora could tell he felt it to, his movements where slow and careful.


'Stay here' he told her 'I'm going to check we closed up up top'

'Your not going alone, something doesn't feel right' Nora protested.


Both Nora and Patch hesitated in the small hut door before stepping out onto the beach, in the sky directly in front of them they could see a purple light, it seemed to be getting brighter with each passing second. Nora had to shield her eyes slightly as the light got closer and closer. Patch pulled Nora back into the hut and closed the door keeping his back against it as if holding someone out.


'What is that?' Nora shouted, panic starting to creep in.

'I have seen that light before and I hoped never to see it again' he whispered.

'Patch what is it?' She could see the worry in his eyes.

'It's not what but who, If she is here it can't be good' He said


The door behind Patch's back shuddered the purple light creeping through the crack underneath, and then it was gone but Patch didn't move. Nora got to her feet and walked to Patch as the handle on then door rattled. Patch closed his eyes slowly and opened the door. Nora didn't take in what happened next as it all happened in a blur, a girl with dark hair and pale skin jumped into Patch's arms squealing and smiling and then jumped straight from Patch to Nora. She heard her say something along the lines of 'finally I get to meet you' but she couldn't be sure from the shock. The purple light turned out to be this girl? She knows Patch but how? These questions spun in Nora's head.


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