The Hope for a Future

Jay has been through a lot of things: her mom leaving, her best/only friend ditching her, and her dad losing his job. She has only been able to get through these things because of One Direction and her little brother. Her dream is to some day go to a One Direction concert, but she knows that will not happen with how little money she has to spend. She decides she can only hope and this keeps her happy for now.


1. School Blues

     I walk down the hall of my school alone without anyone to talk to. As I walk I see my ex-best friend with the popular kids. She gives me a look down and then continues to chat with her new friends. I pass, just happy the other girls didn't see me or else I would have been made fun at their first sight. I continue walking, as fast as possible, in order to get to class without anyone seeing me. As soon as I reach my destination I go straight to the back corner of the room where I can continue being invisible, at least I hope.

     The tardy bell rings and I notice that someone is standing over me, not just one person but three. I look down as if I didn't notice but am force to look up by a cold hand. As I look up I see the "populars": Jessy, Jen, and worst of all, Sidney, my ex-best friend. I look straight into Jessy's eyes and she begins to smirk.

"I have learned a lot about you since Sidney has joined us," Jessy says continuing to smirk "I've heard that you are in love with that one band what's their name? Oh yeah, One Direction. Just to let you know, no one in this school likes you. What makes you think you will ever marry one of the boys from One Direction?"

"I never said I wanted to marry one of them" I reply, feeling good that I stood up for myself.

"Well, Sidney said you did" Jessy turns to walk away with the other two following. 

I slide down in my seat, put my hood on, headphones in, and listen to the Take Me Home album.

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