The Hope for a Future

Jay has been through a lot of things: her mom leaving, her best/only friend ditching her, and her dad losing his job. She has only been able to get through these things because of One Direction and her little brother. Her dream is to some day go to a One Direction concert, but she knows that will not happen with how little money she has to spend. She decides she can only hope and this keeps her happy for now.


2. Home

     I had made it through my six hour day and my walk home, now I just had to make it at home. As soon as I got home I could see a note hanging on the door, I picked up my pace to see what it said. As soon as I made out the bold word I fell to the ground and began to sob. For twenty minutes I laid on the ground, blaming everything on my mom who had left us for no known reason.


     I heard a small voice coming from behind me. I lifted my self up and saw my worried faced brother, Gage. I ran to the door and grabbed the note before he read and went inside.

     "What's wrong?" Gage asked, following me.

     I ignored his question and walked to my dads room. Softly placing the note I had found onto his bed. About to leave I decided to read the whole thing. It read:

     Mr. Cinn,

          This is a reminder that you are pass due on all your bills for your house. If you do not pay them we will shut down everything in your home and your home will be foreclosed. Call the number given to find the amount you owe. If this is not paid within a weeks time then your family will have to find somewhere else to live. We will be in touch and....

     I had enough I threw the paper down and went to my room. I slammed the door shut behind me and quickly fell asleep without another thought. 

     I was awaken with a banging on my door. Slowly pulling my sheets off of me, my door opened abruptly. 

"What in the world is this!?!?!" my dad yelled at me.

"I found it on the door when I got home." I mumbled and looked down at my hands.

"Thanks to you kids I have to deal with this!" 

"How is this any of our fault" I stood up on my tip toes to be able to look straight into my fathers eyes.

     He walked out of my room and into his, locking his door behind him. Once I was in the hallway I saw Gage standing there in tears. I looked at him, tears dripping down my face, and just hugged him, not knowing what to say.

    I tucked Gage in, and was about to call it good for the night. Then I heard my dad's door unlock. Like flash, I was instantly at his door. The door did not open, but it was unlocked. Silent as I could, I turned the knob and opened the door peeking inside. 

"What are you doing?" I said worried and holding in the tears.

"I'm leaving" My dad replied, not looking at me.

"You have to be kidding. You can't just leave me and Gage here alone. How will we survive?"

"Well, with you guys I'm not able to pay for things and you're better off without me, besides you're 18 now."

"I don't have a job, I have no money, and I have to go to school."

"I'm leaving for good," He stood up and headed for the door, "I left some money in the safe, good luck kid, and take care of Gage."

     My tears had drown out my vision, but I saw my dad walk to Gage's room, kiss his forehead and leave out the front door. As his car became smaller and smaller, I sat up and went to Gage's room. I laid in his bed cuddling him and wishing things would get better.

     Before I knew it, my alarm went off for school, knowing I couldn't leave Gage til' he went to school, I got up and made breakfast. Soon I saw Gage's face walk through the door, he smiled and ate everything on his plate, then went to get ready for school. 

     I watched as he climbed onto his bus, glad that he didn't question why I was home or where dad was. Once his bus had turned the corner I grabbed my bag and ran to school. Three things were on my mind: Gage, the house foreclosure in six days, and my dream of seeing One Direction in concert crushed. The last one had no reason to pop up with all the other horrible things happening, but I couldn't help it, no matter what happens they are always on my mind.


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