My name is Alice, I am 13 years old.
My life was changed completely when I was kidnapped, taken from everything.
Though, I found a way out....unfortunately along with that, my memory was taken away as well. With only my first name and age to remember.... I run.
I find a house, a big one, to be exact, with 5 boys living in them.
Who am I?
Where am I?
What's my life story? All questions roaming in my mind, answers very distant.
But these 5 boys known as One Direction help to bring my memory back, through dreams and images.
Sad, depressed, worried and especially frightened, I slowly find out who I am.
Leaving me to a whole new life which is something.... special.


9. She Awakens

Alice's POV


Everyone seemed to freeze.

Liam looked scared.

Zayn also looked afraid.

Harry looked tense.

Louis was shocked.

I looked up only to see a worried looking Niall.

"Where am I?" I asked quietly.

"Umm- yo- uhh, we're driving...." stuttered Niall.

"Well is everything alright?" I asked nervously,"Is the world ending? What's the matter with you all?"

No one said a word. Then the car stopped. They all started to look around.

"We're here," said Louis. Liam was the first to hop out of the car and scurry along to their door. I sat up, only to discover the heaping pain in my left leg. My back seemed sore. All I remembered was crying in a room, running, fighting.....

I slowly got up and stepped out of the car. Surely, I knew I would collapse once I got to the door. Niall was the first to follow, everyone else looked scared. "Hello? What's going on?" I pondered to them. Niall just picked me up bridal style and started walking to the door.

"What are you doing?!" I questioned him nervously. He looked down at me while setting me down on a couch. 

He spoke," We, we took you to the hospital because... you were acting a bit funny. And the doctors, they-" he paused, looking very confused, like he found something puzzling," they called you a 'subject'." My eyes went wide, my heart felt like it stopped. It was identical to the words that the people from the flashback had called me. I'm..... different.

"You knocked out an army of doctors.... they, they looked like they would murder you!" he seemed guilty and stressed.

I saw the other boys listening intently behind him. "I just didn't know what to do," said Niall, clearly exasperated.

I got up from the couch to release the pain from my back. Nothing made sense! I wanted to understand. And the more I tried understanding things in my head, the angrier I got once I found out that nothing I would do would get the information all put together. Just facing it, was hurting me. It was like a puzzle that was unsolvable, the pieces just wouldn't become one. I knew NOTHING at all! 

"Tell me who I am!" I demanded. "I want answers! I want to remember! Have mercy! Just, jus-" I fell to my knees with tears staining my cheeks," could you help me?" I whispered sadly.

No one answered, only stared. 

"I am lost."

Niall's POV

Her spanish accent was begging, was sad, was confused, was lost.

I stared helplessly at her as her tears slowly fell down her cheeks. It was a devastating time.

Harry walked up to her and crouched down to her level. He cuddled her close, trying his best to comfort her. 

He then looked up at us with a concerned expression on his face, mouthing, "What should we do?"

I, personally, was lost, lost like her in a situation like this. My eyes focused back on her to see her staring at nothing, and not blinking.


No reply.


Still no reply.

Harry let her go, and she fell down, murmuring something that couldn't be heard.

All of us rushed to her side. Zayn put his ear up to her mouth.

"She's still breathing." I heard sighs of reliefs.

"But she said something that I don't understand...." he said.

"What was it?" asked Louis.'

"She said 'They're coming."


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