My name is Alice, I am 13 years old.
My life was changed completely when I was kidnapped, taken from everything.
Though, I found a way out....unfortunately along with that, my memory was taken away as well. With only my first name and age to remember.... I run.
I find a house, a big one, to be exact, with 5 boys living in them.
Who am I?
Where am I?
What's my life story? All questions roaming in my mind, answers very distant.
But these 5 boys known as One Direction help to bring my memory back, through dreams and images.
Sad, depressed, worried and especially frightened, I slowly find out who I am.
Leaving me to a whole new life which is something.... special.


12. Ending.... (FOR NOW***)

Hello there lovelies!!! :)

I have decided to not continue this story.... it doesn't really seem that interesting to me or you guys out there in the world.

So I am stopping this story sadly for now until it gets a little more popular and when I get more volunteers to be in the story.

I thank you, (I think her name is Brownie Bear) for submitting your info for the story! You are automatically in the story once it starts up again! :)

I will talk to you all soon! :)

Have a wonderful life!


                -CiCi <3

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