My name is Alice, I am 13 years old.
My life was changed completely when I was kidnapped, taken from everything.
Though, I found a way out....unfortunately along with that, my memory was taken away as well. With only my first name and age to remember.... I run.
I find a house, a big one, to be exact, with 5 boys living in them.
Who am I?
Where am I?
What's my life story? All questions roaming in my mind, answers very distant.
But these 5 boys known as One Direction help to bring my memory back, through dreams and images.
Sad, depressed, worried and especially frightened, I slowly find out who I am.
Leaving me to a whole new life which is something.... special.


13. Deleting This Movella...

Well... I'm sorry to say this... but i'm deleting this movella.

I just don't think it's good enough to be on here, and I've grown so much as a writer... this just doesn't suit my writing range anymore.

I will keep it up until I have a place to save it (since I don't want my parents reading it), and if you TRULY are attached to this story and you want me to continue on with this it, comment below and I'll write some more.


Again, i'm truly sorry... but I want to thank all that took the time to read this <3

And as I always say, it truly means a lot to me :) <<<


Until next time, I'm progressing in a new story - My BIG Journey

Go check it out if you want to :)


Talk you guys later <3

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