My name is Alice, I am 13 years old.
My life was changed completely when I was kidnapped, taken from everything.
Though, I found a way out....unfortunately along with that, my memory was taken away as well. With only my first name and age to remember.... I run.
I find a house, a big one, to be exact, with 5 boys living in them.
Who am I?
Where am I?
What's my life story? All questions roaming in my mind, answers very distant.
But these 5 boys known as One Direction help to bring my memory back, through dreams and images.
Sad, depressed, worried and especially frightened, I slowly find out who I am.
Leaving me to a whole new life which is something.... special.


3. Becoming Well and Getting Closer

   Niall's POV

  I knew exactly who this poor girl was. She is the girl who has been missing for 6 months, and she is from America.

The funny thing about it is our secret hideout is in Ireland... how could she get over here?

I knew her name, too. Her name is Alice Lowe, she was 12 years old when she was kidnapped. I couldn't believe it when we found her. I just had this overprotective thing for her.... because when I saw her.... she was in a bad condition, and I wanted to cry so bad, I just wanted Alice to be alright. When I looked at her brown eyes, I saw confusion.... like she was in this sort of memory wipe, and now she wants to leave by herself with everything that has happend to her, back out into the world. Nope....

I won't let that happen.

Alice's POV

I wasn't sure if this was a good idea.... why did I just say that? No.... it's the only way that I can learn and survive whatever happened, I mean, they seem... nice, I guess, why shouldn't I stay here?

I stood up and looked around cautiously, there were a lot of windows here and the sunlight was shining in beautifully. I could feel their stares on me as I moved around, the pain was coming back slowly. The couches were a nice creme color and there was a huge rectangular box-like thing with a black screen... what is that? There was also a nice-looking table with a box on it that said pizza.

The pain came back fully when I started to walk into the kitchen. "Geez," I said when I was almost there, I sat down on the floor, hurting. Suprisingly, those boys were by my side.... WEIRD. "You alright love," asked the one that I believe was named Harry. "Yeah, i'm just dying over here, no biggy!" I said sarcastically. Niall held out his hand for me to grab, and pulled me up gently. Once I got up, I continued my search of the giganto house. Then, it hit me.....

Flash Back....

I was sitting on the kitchen counter, watching my beautiful mother vacuum and clean our house. It was 10:00 in the morning and I was eating a bowl of her famous oatmeal bowls. The sun was shining beautifully and some soft morning music was on. The house was not big, nor little, but actually just the right size. I was smiling, remembering that my little brothers were out at the park with my tall daddy. It was a mommy and me day. "Sweety, come on! Let's run your shower, huh?" she called to me. "Alrighty momma!" I yelled back. My mother had long dark brown wavy hair, perfect cheekbones, and of course the most sweetest heart in the world to me. I ran up the soft carpeted steps and ran into my mommy's warm arms....

                                            *End of Flashback*



"ALICE! ALICE are you alright?" Niall yelled at me. What just happened? What was that? Where was that? What's GOING ON? "Guys, what just happened?" I asked nervously.

"You fell to the ground, got up, and started renacting something.... what's the matter?" asked Liam.  "Nothing," I lied through my teeth,

"It was all just nothing."



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