My name is Alice, I am 13 years old.
My life was changed completely when I was kidnapped, taken from everything.
Though, I found a way out....unfortunately along with that, my memory was taken away as well. With only my first name and age to remember.... I run.
I find a house, a big one, to be exact, with 5 boys living in them.
Who am I?
Where am I?
What's my life story? All questions roaming in my mind, answers very distant.
But these 5 boys known as One Direction help to bring my memory back, through dreams and images.
Sad, depressed, worried and especially frightened, I slowly find out who I am.
Leaving me to a whole new life which is something.... special.


10. A/N

Sorry if you thought this was a chapter!! :P

I just wanted to let you all know that you could be featured in this story! ( You must be amazed right now!...haha, just kidding)

I will personally be judging your entries in the commenting section, where I will write down the most interesting characters and personalites I see. From there, I will start putting in new characters to go along with the story. All you have to post in your VERY SPECIAL comment is...

-Your LOVELY name

-Hair type/eye color/ your features, basically...

-Your hobbies and talents

-If you would like to be with ANY of the boys! (Since they are all single in this story so far!)

-Do you REALLY want to be in this story?

Just answer these questions and BAM. you're in the selection choices!

As you can see, I will be picking at LEAST five girls for the boys to be dating.

An update will be on your way on Friday as well as the people picked out so far!

If you have any ideas for the story, please email me @ (sierrarenee@live.com) where I will gladly reply back to your thoughts ASAP. ;) 

Don't be afraid to show your opinions and get on out there!

Have a beautiful day! :)

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