Meant to Be (13+)

Elena moves to Holmes Chapel because her mother has a job transfer. What happens when she meets the boy band One Direction and her past starts to haunt her? Will jealousy lead to something more? Will she ever be able to tell her deepest secret or let it build up inside her the rest of her life and cause damage? When her and Harry get into a relationship and something goes wrong on their first date will he be able to handle his past coming back also? Will their relationship last?


5. Who's One Direction?


I was walking to my locker after lunch when I stumbled into someone and made their books fall.
"I'm sorry that was my fault, I wasn't paying any attention." I say and lean down to help this person pick up their stuff.
"No it's fine, I wasn't really paying attention either." She says and looks up and I realize its that new girl Elena. We locked eyes with each other for a second until she quickly looked back down to finish picking her stuff up.
"You're Elena right?" I ask even though I already know, I just want an excuse to hear her voice again.
"Yeah." She mutters.
"I'm Harry." I help her pick up her last book and our hands touch. A shock courses through my whole right arm from my fingertips to my shoulder. She quickly pulls her hand back. I grab the book and hand it to her.
"Thanks." She says.
"No problem, I'll see you later." I say and smile to her.
"Okay." She slightly smiles back and walks past me, lightly brushing her shoulder against my left one leaving a tingly feeling on mine.
I smile to myself. I didn't even realize my heart was beating fast until now.
I walk to my locker but when I get there I don't open it quite yet. I just lean against it and smile. Elena, the only thing I want to think about right now. Her tight white jeans, the way they complement her figure and the rips in them, her beautiful long brown hair, her honey colored eyes.
"I know that smile..." Louis says coming up to me,
"Either you just got fucked or you met a girl."
I laugh at his first suggestion and turn to open my locker and grab my books.
"Well, which one is it?" Lou asks since I didn't respond to him.
"A girl." Is all I say to him.
He smiles and nudges me in the side with his elbow,
"Who is it?!" He asks eagerly.
I see her at the water fountain getting a drink and nod in her direction. Louis follows my gaze and when he spots her he whips his head back at me,
I smile at her name. Just watching her drink from the fountain makes me think what those pretty lips would feel like against mine. Lou gives me another nudge bringing me out of my thoughts,
"Now you can finally dump that bitch Abi." He says and I laugh, none of the guys really like her. She isn't always a bitch, she may be self-centered and have anger and jealousy problems but when it comes to me she'd do anything.
"Speaking of the most wonderful girlfriend in the world." I say as Abi walks up to me and Lou says,
"I have to go to class bye Haz." He quickly walks away.
"What was that about?" Abi asks.
"Oh nothing babe, we were just talking about the dance."
"Ok. So will I see you later? To study?" She asks and winks at me. When she wants to "study" she actually means sex but I'm really not in the mood today.
"Sorry babe but I don't think I can tonight, I have some stuff I have to do." I lie.
"Fine. But call me if you get done early." She kisses me then walks away swinging her hips. I look back to the water fountain but Elena is gone. I shut my locker and head to class.


"Okay class, we have a new student today, her name is Elena." Mrs. Terrance, my language and reading teacher announces. I smile to the class and Mrs. Terrance walks to her desk and beckons for me to follow her.
"This play is what we are currently working on. Here is a script for you." She hands me a paper and I look over it,
"You can play the lead role since there aren't many girls in this class and the others do not wish to play this part.We will start the play next week. Now, you can go have a seat next to Mr. Tomlinson. Mr. Tomlinson please raise your hand." Mrs. Terrance says and I see a hand shoot up and wave around.
"Go on." Mrs. Terrance ushers for me to take my seat.
I walk over to my seat and realize this guy sits at the table I sat at for lunch.
He looks at me and smiles,
"Have a seat, I won't bite." He says and winks.
I take a seat and he introduces himself,
"I'm Louis "The Tommo" Tomlinson, and you are?"
"Elena." I say shyly.
"Well Elena, do you have a last name? If so, may I ask what it is?" He asks in one of those talk show hosts voices and I laugh and smile.
"Yes I do, it's Santillan." I answer smiling.
"Interesting." He says rubbing his chin,
"And how do you spell that?"
"S-A-N-T-I-L-L-A-N" I answer.
"So where are you from Elena Santillan?" It sounds like I'm in an interview and I laugh to myself.
"I'm from a state called Illinois, it's in America."
"America, I've been there many times. Me and the band have been to Chicago, Illinois." He says. What is the band?
"The city I lived in was 3 hours away from there. Would you mind telling me what the band is?" I ask confused.
He looks at me shocked and says,
"Has no one told you about us?! We're the hottest thing in the world, mostly because I'm in it." He says and brushes his shoulder off. I laugh and say,
"One person has mentioned the band but they didn't tell me what it was, so can you please inform me?"
"The band, is five guys, extremely sexy if I may add, who are the biggest band in the world known as," he does a dramatic pause and then says,
"One Direction!"
I still don't understand,
"Who's One Direction?" I ask completely confused.
His mouth drops open and he smacks his forehead,
"They sing the number one hit What Makes You Beautiful!"
"I don't know if I know that song sorry..."
"It goes like this," he clears his throat,
"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know, you don't know you're beautiful, but that's what makes you beautiful."
"Oh that song?" I ask and scrunch my nose up.
"You don't like them?!" He asks even more shocked.
"It's not that I don't like them, they're okay I guess."
"You guess?!" He pretty much yells in my face but calms down,
"You're the first girl I've met who doesn't like us." He says with a pouty face and amusement in his tone.
"I didn't say I DON'T like them, I said they're OKAY. And who is us?"
He smiles and says,
"The band, us, me and the boys, me, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Harry fucking Styles."
"Oh... Well that's cool I guess." Is all I can think of saying.
Louis literally jumps out of his seat,
"Is "I guess" the only thing you know how to say?"
I laugh at how serious he is taking this,
"Louis calm down, it is cool you and the others are in a band together but just because I know you isn't going to change my opinion of the band."
He smiles and sits back in his seat,
"Ok good, that was a test to see if you're like all the other girls."
It takes me a while to figure out what he meant and then it clicked in my head.
"So did I pass or fail the test?"
He smiles and says,
"You passed."
"Okay good cause if I fail a test my mom will kill me!"
He laughs and then the bell rings.
"You are dismissed, I'll see you all Monday." Mrs. Terrance says.
I look at Louis with a confused look,
"It's time to leave already?"
"I guess."
I laugh and restate his words,
"Is "I guess" the only thing you know how to say!"
He realizes what I did and smirks and hits me playfully in the arm. We walk into the hallway together laughing. I say goodbye to him and walk to my locker to gather my things.


I wait for Lou to come out of Mrs. Terrance's room like I usually do and when he does he is laughing with a girl. With Elena. They say goodbye to each other and Lou comes towards me.
"Zayn was right, she is funny!" He says.
"What's she like?" I ask really wanting to know sense it seems like all of the guys know more about her than I do.
"Well she was shy at first, but then I got her laughing and started a conversation. Did you know that she didn't know about us being a band?! When I mentioned One Direction she scrunched her nose and said that we're OKAY. When I told her that WE are One Direction she didn't do anything, she was just like that's cool I guess. I think she likes using the phrase "I guess". But the thing is, she's not like the other girls, she said and I quote, "just because I know you now won't change my opinion of the band." Other girls take 0.1 seconds to change their opinion." He says.
"Wow, now that's something we don't get all the time. We'd better get going, we have to meet up with Lou and her new co-worker." I say and Louis nods his head.
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