Meant to Be (13+)

Elena moves to Holmes Chapel because her mother has a job transfer. What happens when she meets the boy band One Direction and her past starts to haunt her? Will jealousy lead to something more? Will she ever be able to tell her deepest secret or let it build up inside her the rest of her life and cause damage? When her and Harry get into a relationship and something goes wrong on their first date will he be able to handle his past coming back also? Will their relationship last?


3. P.E.


"Well that was fun." Zayn says sarcastically as we walk into the hallway. I laugh and say,
"You didn't even do anything, you were too worried about frog juices getting in your hair!" We both laugh and he says,
"It took an hour for me to get this perfection!" He points to his quiff and winks at me.
"Yeah well it took me an hour just to find something to wear." We both laugh again and we reach my locker,
"Well I'll see you around." I say and he waves goodbye and I watch him until he disappears from my sight.
I open my locker and put the science book I got in my locker then the rest of my materials and I grab my PE uniform and Nike tennis shoes.
PE. This class I'm looking forward to! I may look like the girly type but when it comes to sports I'm a total jock.
"Hey Elena!"
I quickly turn and see its Faith.
"Oh my gosh you scared me!" I say holding my hand to my chest.
"Oh I'm sorry, do you want to walk to PE together?" She asks and smiles.
"Sure." I say smiling back and I shut my locker.
"Okay!" She says happily.
"What are you guys doing in PE right now?" I ask hoping its a sport I know how to play.
"We are doing volleyball." She says. Volleyball is one of my favorite sports so now I'm excited!
"Ok cool."
We walk down a long hallway and take a couple turns until we reach the doors to the gym. Faith opens the doors and we walk in, the gym is big just like the rest of the school and there are other students walking in from other doors. I notice there are guys walking in the gym...
"Do we have PE with the boys?" I ask.
"Yeah why?" Faith says.
"Oh it's just that at my old school the boys and girls were separate from each other. Do they change with us?"
"No they have their own locker room."
"Oh good!" I let out a breath and Faith laughs at me. I smile at her and we walk into the girls' locker room.
"I'll take you to Ms. Smith." Faith says.
"Ok thanks."
We walk past isles of girls changing and finally reach an office. Faith knocks on the door.
"Come in." A voice says on the other side of the door I'm guessing is Ms. Smith.
Me and Faith walk into the office and there is a lady probably in her 40's sitting in a chair at her desk.
"Ms. Smith this is Elena she is new here." Faith says and Ms. Smith looks at me,
"Well hello Elena, I see you already have your uniform so you can just go to an isle and change, I'm sure Faith here will fill you in on what we're doing." Ms. Smith says.
"Okay." I say and me and Faith walk out of her office.
"You can come in my isle, I'll introduce you to some of my friends." Faith says.
"Okay sounds good." I say and we walk into an isle. Some of the girls I recognize from my first two classes and they look at me. I smile and try to seem friendly although it seems like some of them already don't like me...
"Girls this is Elena, she's new here and I said she could change with us." Faith introduces me.
"Hi." I say.
"Elena, this is Hannah," she says pointing to a pretty brunette who gives me a friendly smile, "Emily," she points to a pretty redhead, "Claire," she points to a blonde that has really beautiful long hair, "Abi," she points to another blonde, "Danielle," a brunette, "and Sarah." Another brunette.
"Hey." They all say.
We all change into our uniforms which are blue shorts and gold shirts that say Holmes Chapel Physical Education on them.
"Okay class everybody out into the gym or you're late." Ms. Smith yells and we all go into the gym.
The boys are already out in the gym and I just follow Faith and her friends because I honestly have no clue what else to do.
"So we don't have assigned seats for this class but we always sit by the wall." Hannah explains to me.
"Okay." I say and we all go sit by the wall.
"Start your warm-ups." Ms. Smith yells for everyone to hear.
"For our warm-ups we just stretch out our legs and do some sit ups and push ups." Danielle says and I start stretching.
"So why did you come to Holmes Chapel?" Abi asks and I get a feeling she doesn't really like me...
"Well my mom is a professional hair stylist and they sent her overseas so we moved here." I say.
"Overseas?" Sarah asks.
"Yeah, she moved here from America." Faith says before I could.
"America?!" Emily and Claire say simultaneously.
I laugh a little, "Yes. So far everyone I've told that I moved here from America gets shocked."
"Because no ones really been to America except for the band." Faith says.
"What's the band?" I ask.
They all look at each other and Hannah says, "You'll find out soon enough."
"Okay everybody get into your groups and go to the court you were on yesterday." Ms. Smith yells.
"Go ask Ms. Smith which group you are going to be put in." Faith suggests as we all get up and I walk towards Ms. Smith.
"Excuse me, Ms. Smith which group do I go in?"
"You can be in... That group over there." She points to a group that's mostly boys but has a couple girls.
"Okay." I say and take a breath then walk to the group that are talking to each other.
"Hey um Ms. Smith put me in your group..." I say when I reach them and they all look at me.
"Okay what's your name?" A boy with short brown hair asks me.
"Elena." I say and one of the girls mouths drop open and she jumps and says,
"You're Tracy Lopez's daughter!"
"You know my mom?" I ask confused.
"I think everyone does! She works with the most famous hair stylist and everyone has been talking about you coming here." She explains.
"Oh...That's why all the teachers know my name!" Is all I can say.
A couple of the boys laugh.
"Okay Elena, I'm Liam, this is Melissa, Josh, Caroline, Reed, and Matt." Liam says,
"Since there is seven of us now we'll have to rotate in and out. Elena do you mind being out first?" He asks sweetly and I get lost in his brown eyes for a second.
"Um... No, no, I, I don't mind at all." I stutter and feel my cheeks flare up in embarrassment as he smiles at me and says okay.
I go over to the wall while they all get in position and watch as the game starts. I look at the other team that is all guys. As I watch them play I see most of them have skill but don't use it correctly, wait until they all she what I have in store.
I quickly put my hair in a low pony tail as I rotate in and Melissa comes out.
It's our ball and I get into a crouch position and get my hands ready as Reed yells,
"5 serving 2!" Then he serves the ball.
It goes over the net and the other team hits it back over. The ball goes towards Liam and he yells,
"MINE!" As he hits the ball and it goes back to the other team. The other team hit the ball two times until the ball comes over to our side towards Caroline and she bumps it but it doesn't go far enough and it comes towards me and I yell,
I spike the ball and it goes to the other team who miss it as it comes down fast and we score a point.
"Woo!" My teams yells and Reed yells,
"6 serving 2!" As he serves the ball again.
It goes over the net once again and comes back. Josh bumps it and it comes towards me, I set it up and Matt spikes it over the net and we score another point.
"7 serving 2!" Reed yells and serves the ball. The other team starts to get aggressive and spikes the ball at us, Caroline dives to get it but misses.
"That's okay." Liam says helping Caroline up.
"3 serving 7!" A guy from the other team yells and the ball comes flying over to Josh who bumps it to Liam who sets the ball over the net making the other team run up to the net to hit the ball but are too late and it hits the ground earning us a point.
"ROTATE!" Reed yells and we all move over one. Liam is now the server and I'm in the middle of the front. I get into crouch position with my legs spread apart and my hands ready. I hear whispering and laughs. I turn my head and see its Reed and Josh. They look at me and smile. I smile then turn my head back to the front.
"8 serving 3!" Liam yells and I get chills. Is it cold in here or is it just me?
The ball comes flying towards me,
"MINE!" I yell bringing my legs up from the crouching position bumping the ball with my forearms sending it back over the net and I get back into position. The other team hits the ball and it goes to the back towards Reed and Josh but they miss it because they weren't paying attention.
"Come on mates!" Matt says to them.
"4 serving 8!" The other team says and the ball comes to Melissa who bumps it over the net. The other team hits it and it comes back towards Josh who hits the ball this time making it come to Matt who sets it to me and I spike it over the net.
"Yes!" I say to myself and we rotate Matt being the server now.
"9 serving 4!" He yells and the ball is flying once again. It comes back towards Reed who bumps it but it doesn't go all they way and Caroline misses it.
"Good try." Liam says.
"5 serving 9!" The other team yells and the ball comes at Liam. He bumps it to Melissa who tries to set it over the net but messes up because she hit her finger and me and Liam run into each other trying to get the ball to the other side at the same time giving the other team a point.
I'm lying on the floor with Liam on top of me,
"I probably should have yelled mine." I say and we both laugh. He gets up and helps me up,
"Are you okay?" He asks.
"Well besides hitting my head and my back cracking I'm fine." I smile at him and laugh. He smiles and we go back to our spots. I rub my head, it doesn't really hurt and my back actually feels good since it cracked.
"6 serving 9!" The other team yells and serves the ball. Reed bumps the ball over the net and when it comes back Melissa and Caroline block it from coming over the net giving us a point. I give both of them high fives and say good job.
We rotate. Now it's my turn to serve. I bounce the ball a couple times then yell nice and loud,
"10 serving 6!" And toss the ball up and smack it to the other side of the net. It hits one of the guys in the head and I run over to him,
"I'm so sorry!" I say to him. He looks at me and says,
"It's fine, I'm okay."
"Are you sure? Do you need an ice pack or anything?" I ask and he laughs and says,
"I'm sure but thanks. You've got a strong arm there." He says and I smile then nod and walk back to my side of the net. My whole team is looking at me with smirks on their faces and they burst out laughing.
"What?" I ask confused.
"You just hit the quarterback of the football team in the head and went to ask him if he was okay." Reed explains.
"Yeah?" I say still confused.
"I'm sure he's gotten hit many times before and you think a volleyball will hurt him?" Josh says.
"Well it looked like it hurt him," I say and look to the other team and see the guy I hit sitting to the side, "and I think it did but he won't admit it." I say feeling bad.
"Well you definitely have a strong arm!" Matt says.
"Thanks." I say and feel a little blush coming on my cheeks.
"Where'd you learn to play like that?" Liam asked.
"Back in America I was on a travel volleyball team." I say and they all look at me shocked,
"And yes I moved here from America." I say and laugh to myself.
"Is there any other secret skills you have we should know about?" Josh asks.
"Umm... I was also on a travel basketball and soccer team."
"Wow!" Caroline says.
"You're the first girl I know to be involved in something besides cheerleading or dance." Melissa says.
"Oh gosh I'm not a cheerleader." I say and laugh,
"I can have spirit and all but I'm not good at flips or anything. I can do a front flip on a trampoline but I can never land it. The only thing I can really do is a kart wheel! And my dance moves aren't the best." We all laugh and Ms. Smith yells to everyone,
"Head to the locker rooms and get changed."
"Well good game everyone." Liam says and we head to the locker rooms.
"You're really from America?" Melissa asks as we walk to the locker room.
"Yep." I say.
"Wow that's so cool." Caroline says.
"Yeah, I like it over here though." I say and smile at them, they smile back and we go in the locker room and get dressed.
The bell rings and I exit the gym and head to my locker.
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