Meant to Be (13+)

Elena moves to Holmes Chapel because her mother has a job transfer. What happens when she meets the boy band One Direction and her past starts to haunt her? Will jealousy lead to something more? Will she ever be able to tell her deepest secret or let it build up inside her the rest of her life and cause damage? When her and Harry get into a relationship and something goes wrong on their first date will he be able to handle his past coming back also? Will their relationship last?


1. New Everything


First day and I'm shaking like crazy. Why am I being like this? It's not like I haven't been to a new school before.
I have moved to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England because my mom got a job transfer overseas; I used to live in America where the rest of my family is, but I guess this job is very important to my mom to make us move all the way to England. I hope it is worth it.
It's just me, my mom, and younger brother who moved here. My older sister, Jazmyn, who is 21 said she is going to stay in America with her family. My mom surprisingly allowed her to stay without and argument to change her mind. My step dad said he couldn't come with us because of his business and I never really liked him so it doesn't bother me. As for my dad, he is also in America with my step mom and younger sisters. Him and my mom got in a pretty big fight about us moving because of visitations and such. They finally came to an agreement that my brother and I would stay with my dad for a month each summer.
Now I'm here. In England.
I'm in my room trying to figure out what I'm going to wear for my first day at this new school. I've moved around many times for my moms job and have been to plenty schools but this is the first one that has me so nervous. Most likely because I'm in a whole different continent. What is the "in" style right now? Will I be able to fit in and make some friends? What if nobody likes me? What if people don't like my clothes or my hair? Will people criticize me because I'm Mexican? Although I look more White than Mexican. Why am I worrying so much?!
There's a knock on my bedroom door and my mom peeks her head in,
"Hey sweety, how's it going?"
I look at her with a "what does it look like" look and shrug my shoulders and say,
"I.. I don't know what to wear! Mom, I don't understand why I'm so nervous. It feels like someone punched me in my stomach."
She steps fully into the room and sits on a chair next to a bunch of boxes I still have to unpack.
"I know it does, it's a new school. I feel the same way about going to work today but I'm sure everything will be fine." She looks at my closet that is halfway full then back at me,
"Would you like me to help you pick something out?"
I look at her while thinking, she never really was a fashion person but right now I could use anything I can get,
"Sure, why not."
She smiles and then stands up and walks to my closet rummaging through my clothes. I look around at my room, it's so much bigger than my old one. The house is a lot nicer than my old one also. I look out my window and its still dark outside but thats probably because its like 5:17 in the morning. I know it's crazy to be up this early but I couldn't sleep and mom has to wake up early for work so she was awake also.
"How about this?" I hear mom say and I turn my head to look at her and the item in her hands. It's a summer dress that I had put in the back of my closet for a reason.
"Mom, it may be April and nice out in America, but if you haven't noticed, it's freezing outside over here!"
"I knew that." She says with an embarrassed look on her face.
She puts the dress back in the closet and looks at the clothes again.
"How about these?"
I look at her and she is holding a pair of white ripped skinny jeans in one hand and a plaid pink, white, and orange shirt in the other. Wow. Maybe she does have some good style somewhere deep inside her.
I smile and say, "Looks good, I finally have something to wear those orange flats you got me with."
"Great. Now, you get dressed and I'll go wake up your brother and make some breakfast. See you in 30."
She leaves the room and I stay there sitting on my bed. I decide I'll do my hair first so I don't mess up my outfit for today, but first things first, I have to put my contacts in and brush my teeth before I do anything else.
I have my own bathroom in my room! How awesome is that! I walk into my bathroom and rinse my hands with water then grab my contact case and open it.
I attempt to put one contact in my right eye but I poke myself instead and the contact goes on my cheek.
"Ugh! Why can't I ever get this right on the first time!"
I try once again to put the contact in and when I think I got it right I blink and the contact folds and comes out of my eye.
"Okay, looks like you're playing hard to get again today."
This time I slowly place the contact in my eye and move it over my pupil until its right. Then I slowly take my finger off, trying not to get it stuck to it, and blink…
"Yes!" I say in victory.
After having contacts for 3 years I still manage to have trouble, you would think I'd be a master at it by now but it's always my right eye that gives me hell.
I put my contact in my left eye with no trouble at all and then grab my toothbrush and toothpaste and brush my teeth.
"I should probably wash my face..." I think out loud.
I quickly grab the face wash bottle and squirt some on my hand and proceed to wash my face.
3 minutes later I'm back in my room sitting on the floor in front of my full body mirror with a curling wand in my hand. I turn the wand on and set it beside me while I brush my hair and wait for it to heat up.
Hmm... What do I want to do with my hair? I think I'm gonna do a type of beach waves… yeah, that'll look really cute.
I grab the wand and start curling my hair. About and hour later I'm finished and get dressed. I look at myself in the mirror and smile.
There's a knock on the door.
"Come in." I say and my brother, Antonio, opens the door.
"Mom told me to tell you to hurry up and come eat before you're pancakes get cold."
"Okay, I'll be down in a sec."
He leaves the room and I quickly grab my orange flats and my book bag for school and head out the door and down the stairs to the kitchen. All of a sudden when I get to the kitchen I start singing,
"I got a feeling, that today's gonna be a good day. That today's gonna be a good day. That today's gonna be a good, good day. I got a feeling, woo hoo!"
I hear my mom laugh and I smile at the sound of it and I spin around like a ballerina when I run into someone. I look up and see my brother,
"Hey, when did you get taller than me?!" I ask innocently.
He laughs and it booms through the kitchen,
"When you shrunk." He says and I look at him confused. He laughs again and I punch him in the gut,
"Hey that's not funny." I say to him trying to contain my laughter.
"Alright Elena, you better eat now." My mom says and I go to the island in the middle of the kitchen where my mom is sitting and take a seat next to her and put my bag on the floor.
"Mmm! Banana pancakes! My favorite!" I say grabbing the plate in front of me. I quickly put some butter and syrup on them and start scarfing them down my throat. Oh my gosh they taste so delicious!
"They aren't going to run away from you." My mom says and she laughs watching me eat like a pig.
I hear a phone ringing and I realize its mine. I jump out of my seat and run up the stairs to my room and grab my phone. It's my best friend Kristin calling me, I answer it immediately.
"Hey!" I say.
"Oh my god, I tried calling you all day yesterday! I thought you died."
"I'm not dead haha, my phone had died though."
"Oh do we have to plan it's funeral?"
"No, I saved it before it saw the light so we're all good."
"Okay good haha. So, what's it like over there?!"
"It's very beautiful, kind of chilly outside, my house is HUGE! Other than that I'm not sure. I start school today... I'm really nervous..."
"Oh I bet. Hey, let me know if there is any hot guys there!"
"Kristin! You're such a flirt!"
"I know I am. That's why you love me."
"Haha! Sure, whatever you want to say mi amor."
"Elena, how many times do I have to say, I DON'T speak Spanish!"
"You're no fun and it means "my love". I'd better go I have to finish eating breakfast and leave for school. I'll call you later."
"No you won't."
"What do you mean no I won't?"
"I'll be asleep later, it's like 8:47pm right now and there is no way you're going to wake me up early by calling me."
"Oh... I forgot about the time zones... Well just text me later then, love ya byeee."
"Love you too, bye."
I hang up and unhook my phone from the charger then put it in my back pocket and quickly head back downstairs. When I reach the kitchen my plate of pancakes are gone. I look around and see my plate in the sink. Well, I guess I'm not finishing those. I look at the clock on the microwave. 7:02.
"Hey Tone," I yell, "we'd better get going so we aren't late for school!"
"I'll meet you in the car." He yells back.
"Okay." I yell.
I grab my bag and walk out of the kitchen into the living room where my mom is on the phone with someone and she looks at me,
"Okay... Mhm... Yeah, alright I'll be there. Okay, bye Lou." She says into the phone,
"Sorry baby that was my boss Lou Teasdale. She wants me to come with her to a meeting in a little bit so you'll have to drive yourself and your brother to the school." She says to me. My mom is a professional hair stylist.
"Okay that's fine. We're getting ready to leave though so I'll see you later."
"Okay baby, have a great day at school. I love you, see you later." She says giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek as if I were five years old and starting kindergarten.
"Ok, bye." I say and grab my coat then walk out the front door.
I reach my car I got for my 16th birthday. It's a Black Dodge Charger. I've had it for 1 year now, it has so many memories. I get in and a couple minutes later my brother is getting in the passenger seat.
"You ready to go little bro?"
"Yeah, I'm ready. How about you?"
"Yeah... I guess... This is a new start for us... Lets make it good."
I pull out of the driveway and onto the street. Antonio had to remind me that I have to drive on the left side of the street now that we're not in America. Everything is so different here. Not a strange different, but a good different. I feel as if a new chapter of my life has began, and it all starts here.
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