Meant to Be (13+)

Elena moves to Holmes Chapel because her mother has a job transfer. What happens when she meets the boy band One Direction and her past starts to haunt her? Will jealousy lead to something more? Will she ever be able to tell her deepest secret or let it build up inside her the rest of her life and cause damage? When her and Harry get into a relationship and something goes wrong on their first date will he be able to handle his past coming back also? Will their relationship last?


7. Morning Surprise


I got home from school yesterday and mom was still at work. Antonio went straight to his room so I just went and took a shower then did my homework, ate, and went to sleep.
It's Saturday. I have nothing planned. I could finish unpacking the few boxes I have left but I'm really not in the mood to.
I lay in bed tossing and turning trying to go back to sleep but it just won't happen. I sit up and grab my phone from my bedside table.
I scroll through my interactions. Boring, boring, blah, blah, drama, Harry Styles, blah, bl- wait what?! Harry Styles? I scroll back to where I saw it say Harry Styles...
New followers: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik and some other people.
The boys all had blue check marks next to their names. They really were in a band.
I follow all of them then click the home button and lock my iPhone and put it back on the table.
I think of something and grab my phone again to see what time it is... 6:53am are you serious! Why do I always wake up early?!
I dial Kristin's number and call her.
"Hello?" She answers.
"Hey were you sleeping?"
"No I am watching a really boring movie with my mom so I'm glad you called."
"Oh tell her I said hi and I miss her!"
"I will. So what's up?"
"Well... So do you know the band One Direction?"
"Yes! How would I not know them! I don't live under a rock!"
"Well I guess I did then because I didn't know them."
"What?! How did you not know them?!"
"I don't know I just didn't."
"Wow! Ok well what about them?"
"Well um, I um..."
"You what?! Come on spill the beans!"
"So I kind of go to school with them..." I had to hold the phone away from my ear because of the screams that were coming from the other end.
"Kristin... Kristin... Kristin!!!"
"Calm the fuck down!"
"How the hell can I calm down when my best friend goes to school with the sexy mother fucking ONE DIRECTION!"
"I don't know but do it before you kill my ears."
"Okay okay I'm sorry. How the hell did you get so lucky?!"
"I don't say I'm lucky. You know I'm not a big fan of their music. I was talking with Louis earlier and said that the group was OKAY. I had forgotten all about them until he sang What Makes You Beautiful to me." Another round of screams came through the phone and I about hung up on her.
"You talked to Louis Tomlinson and he sang to you?!?!?!" She yelled.
"Yes now will you please stop yelling!"
"Okay, I'm sorry. Did you talk to the others?"
"Yeah I talked to all of them."
"Oh my god, what are they like?"
"Well they're all really nice and I think I'm getting some sort of connection with Harry..."
"I thought you said they were OKAY?"
"Yeah their music is but I like them as people."
"Ohhhh okay."
"Yeah but he has a girlfriend so I have no chance because she is really pretty and the bad thing is I think she doesn't like me."
"Don't let that bother you."
"I know, I know but I don't know what I did to make her not like me already."
"I don't know either. Well I have to go."
"Okay I'll talk to you soon, bye."
I hung up and set my phone on the table then laid down again. What do I do now? I get out of bed and go to my bathroom to brush my teeth just to have something to do.
When I'm done I brush my hair and put it into a bun. What now?
I go into my room and grab my glasses then head out the door down the stairs to the kitchen. I go to the cereal cabinet and pull out the lucky charms, one of my favorites, then I grab a bowl, spoon, and the milk from the fridge.
"Elena?" I recognize my moms voice.
"What are you doing?"
"Getting some cereal." I say as I pour some into my bowl and then the milk.
"I see that. Would you please turn around?"
I shove my spoon into the cereal and as I turn around I put it into my mouth then look up expecting to see my mom at the island. Oh shit. I was not prepared for what I am seeing.
In front of me sitting at the dining table is my mom, a lady, and five guys. The five guys I met yesterday. The five guys in a band. THE five guys in One Direction.
I literally choke on my cereal and have to spit it back into the bowl. I hear a couple laughs as I turn towards the sink and set my bowl down and finish spitting the rest of the cereal out of my mouth. I grab a paper towel and wipe my mouth and hands then turn back towards my mom and the others.
All eyes are on me.
"Elena, this is my boss Lou Teasdale," my mom says gesturing to the lady and I shyly smile, "and these are her clients One Direction."
I look at them and they all smile and wave at me. Of course Louis is the one to get out of his seat and give me a hug.
"I've missed you Elena!" He says and pretends to cry into my shoulder. I laugh and pat his back and say,
"I've missed you too Louis."
Louis lets go of me but leaves one arm around my shoulders and faces the others.
"Morning Elena." Liam says.
"Good morning Liam." I say back and smile.
"Hey Elena could I have some cereal too?" Niall asks and I laugh,
"Go ahead, bowls are in the left cabinet." He gets up and jogs over to the cabinets.
"So you're mom helped me get my perfection today." Zayn says and I try to hold my laughter in but we both look at each other and start laughing.
"It looks good." I say and give him a thumbs up.
I look to Harry and he winks at me, I can't help but get butterflies in my stomach.
My mom gives me a strange look and says,
"You all have already been acquainted?"
"Yeah, we kind of go to school with each other." I say.
She looks surprised and then delighted and says,
"That's great! See I knew you would make friends on your first day."
"Yes mom." I say.
She turns to everyone and says,
"She was worrying that no one would like her."
"Mom!" I say and turn and burry my head in Louis' shoulder and whisper to him,
"Please save me from this embarrassment!" He laughs and my mom says,
"Elena why don't you come have a seat next to me." I look at her and shake my head no.
"Come on, why not?" She asks and pats the seat next to her. I get ready to say something but Louis says something first,
"Sorry Tracy but Elena has to sit with me." Hey that's better than what I could think of. Louis lifts me up and drapes me over his shoulder.
"No, no, no Louis put me down!" I say grabbing onto the back of his shirt.
"I'm not going to drop you!" He says and laughs. I'm quickly brought back to my feet and I'm very dizzy but before I know it I'm being pulled down.
I recover from my dizziness and notice Louis sat me on his lap.
"What?" I say and everyone laughs,
"Is it cold in here or is it just me?" I think out loud and my mom says,
"Well go put some clothes on and maybe you won't be."
"I have clothes on." I say looking down at my clothes and thats when I notice what I'm wearing. I have some green and black spandex on and a black tank top with no bra on!
"I'll be right back." I say and quickly get off Louis and run to the stairs then my room and close the door.


I actually liked what Elena was wearing but of course that's just my guy hormones talking.
"So what do you boys say?" Lou asks us and we all look at each other and nod,
"Yeah, I think it'd be great to have Tracy with us." Liam says.
"Me too." I agree.
"You're mostly saying that so you can see Elena more!" Louis says nudging me and I smile.
"You like Elena?" Niall and Zayn ask.
"He doesn't like her he LOVES her!" Louis says and I shove him.
"I never said I LOVE her!" I retort.
"Are you finally going to dump Abi?" Zayn asks.
"No, I'm not going to just dump her, especially a week before the dance." I say.
"So what! I bet she would find someone else quickly." Louis says.
"As much as that might be true, I'm not going to, I'm not that mean." I reply.
"Look who finally has a heart!" Louis jokes.
"I've always had one! But I think it would be amazing to have Tracy with us, she has much skill!" I look towards Tracy and smile.
"Well it's settled then, welcome to the crew Tracy!" Lou says.
"Thank you all!" Tracy says then looks at me,
"I think my daughter has a soft spot for you Harry." She smiles and I feel my heart flutter.
"Okay, I'm back." Elena says coming into the kitchen wearing black yoga pants and a colorful Chicago t-shirt on with her hair in a regular ponytail and a white head band. She walks over to a door and opens it taking a blue and white jacket out putting it on and some Nike tennis shoes.
"Where are you going?" Tracy asks her, my thoughts exactly.
"Out to the back to play some ball." She responds.
"Okay." Tracy says.
Elena smiles at us then heads out a door.
"Anybody hungry?" Tracy asks us and I turn my head back to her and the others.
"ME! Oh me, I am!" Niall yells while jumping up and down raising his hand.
"Yeah." The others say.
"Harry are you hungry?" Tracy asks.
"Oh no I already ate but thank you." I say and smile to her.


I jog over to the basketball hoop and take the ball out of the net that holds it. I dribble down the pavement and stop at what I would say is about 3 point range. I turn and face the hoop and align my right foot with it. I squat and dribble the ball in place 3 times then spin it in my hands. I grip the ball and look straight at the hoop.
"BEEF," I whisper to myself,
"Balance. Eyes. Elbow. Follow through." I say and shoot the ball. I watch it as it soars through the air then goes through the hoop,
"Swish!" I yell to myself and do a little happy dance. It's been a while since I've played basketball. I had to quit the travel team in America so I would have time to pack all of my stuff and get ready to come over here. My coach wasn't very happy about it, he said I was one of his best players, but he understood and wished me luck.
"Nice shot." I hear a deep voice say and I stop doing my happy dance and turn around. I see Harry leaning against one of the trees with his arms folded in front of him and he's smiling at me.
"Thanks." I say and I feel myself blush,
"How long have you been standing there?"
"Since you whispered "Beef"." He answers and laughs,
"What does beef have to do with basketball?"
I laugh,
"Well, it has a lot to do with basketball, "BEEF" is just an acronym for Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow through." I say and demonstrate each one to him.
"I bet I could do it." He says.
"Is that a challenge?" I ask and he smirks.
"Only if you want it to be." He winks.
"Ok go ahead, give it your best shot." I say and watch as he attempts to use BEEF. He shoots the ball and it hits the rim of the hoop.
"You're doing it wrong." I say grabbing the ball and walking over to him. I hand him the ball and help him out,
"Okay, the way you're shooting is wrong, you put your left hand like this," I say moving his left hand, I get chills throughout my body but ignore it,
"And you're right hand like this. Now try again." I let go of his hands and step back to watch as he shoots. He hits the rim again but it was better this time.
"Let me see the ball." I say and he grabs it then tosses it to me,
"So you position your hands on the ball like I showed you and then you use BEEF. You have to spread your legs apart a little and maybe even have one foot scooted back like this for B, Balance," I say and he nods,
"Then E, Eyes, you look straight at the basket and focus on where you want the ball to go. The next E is for Elbow, you have to make sure you're elbow is straight so that when you shoot, the ball doesn't curve. Lastly is F, Follow through with your shot." I say and shoot the ball. I make another swish and turn to him and smile.
"Speaking of eyes, you wear glasses?" He asks me.
"Um yeah... I usually wear my contacts though." I say. I've never liked my glasses. I quickly grab the ball and toss it to him to change the subject,
"Your turn." I say and grin at him. He smiles then does as I showed him. He shoots the ball and this time it goes in the hoop not even hitting the rim,
"Swish!" I yell and raise my hand up to give him a high-five and he smacks my hand.
"I like your glasses." He says.
"Thanks." I whisper and he smiles at me.
"Do you happen to have a soccer ball?" He asks looking around the yard.
"Of course!" I say and run to go get the ball and the soccer nets out of the garage. Once I find them I put the ball under my arm and drag the nets out to the yard.
"Here, let me help you." Harry says coming up to me and grabbing one net.
"Thanks." I say and we set the nets up in the yard.
"May I see the ball?" He asks and I toss it to him. He smiles and does some tricks with his feet.
"Impressive," I say,
"But let's see how good those feet are on the field." I wink at him.
"Is that a challenge?" He asks.
I laugh and restate his words,
"Only if you want it to be."
He smiles and puts the ball on the ground. He kicks it and I run after it. We both chase after the ball and Harry starts to cheat by shoving me and pulling me back,
"Hey there is no physical contact in soccer!" I yell and we both laugh. He shoves me again a little harder this time and I start to fall, my legs get tangled with his and he falls next to me.
Fear courses through my body as I get a sense of déjà vu.

He shoves me hard and I fall to the ground. My legs get tangled with his and he falls on me only making the pain worse.
"You dumb bitch! When are you going to stop being such a fuck up!" He yells in my face making me wince at his words and tears sting in my eyes.
"I'm sorry." I barely whisper as I try to hold back the tears.
"You're sorry! Well sorry doesn't cut it!" He yells and a stinging sensation goes through my left cheek as his hand connects to it.
*End of flashback*

"Elena?" Harry asks seeing the fear on my face and a tear comes out,
"Elena I'm so sorry I didn't mean to shove you that hard. I'm so sorry are you okay?" He asks, concern written all over his face.
I quickly get off the ground turning my back to him so I can wipe the tears away,
"I'm fine, it's ok." I say as I shake the flashback away from my mind. I turn around and look at him and smile,
"Let's go inside its getting cold." I say as I walk past him and he follows.
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