Meant to Be (13+)

Elena moves to Holmes Chapel because her mother has a job transfer. What happens when she meets the boy band One Direction and her past starts to haunt her? Will jealousy lead to something more? Will she ever be able to tell her deepest secret or let it build up inside her the rest of her life and cause damage? When her and Harry get into a relationship and something goes wrong on their first date will he be able to handle his past coming back also? Will their relationship last?


2. First Day


We arrive at the school and I think we're early because there is barely any cars there. When I was in America it was 4th quarter of the school year, only 1 month until I would have graduated high school. I wonder how school works here...
"This school is huge." Antonio says.
"I know. It looks even bigger than United Township is and I had trouble trying not to get lost over there, I can't imagine what's gonna happen today."
"Yeah. We should probably go find the office to get our schedule."
"Okay, let's go."
We get out of the car and walk towards what looks like the main doors. I look around and see a couple cars pulling up as we walk to the door. Maybe we aren't so early... What time does school actually start?
We reach the doors and open them. My mouth literally drops open when we get inside. This place is huge! Definitely bigger than United Township!
"I think that's the office over there." Antonio says pointing to an open door with windows around it.
"Okay let's go find out."
We walk to the door and sure enough it's the office. We walk in and there's a secretary at a big desk and chairs along the wall. We walk up to the lady and she looks at us and smiles,
"Good morning, what can I do for you kids?" She asks.
"Um... We're new here and we need to get our schedules and find out where we go... I think." I say nervously.
"You must be Elena and Antonio Santillan, we've been expecting you."
"Yeah." I say sheepishly.
She opens one of the file cabinets and pulls out a few papers and looks at them then hands them to us and says,
"Here are your schedules, they have your locker numbers, combinations, and classes on them. When you exit the office and take a right and go down the hall you'll see some lockers appear," she says to me then looks at Antonio, " you sir, will have to go down the stairs to find your locker. I hope you have a great first day here at Holmes Chapel High School." She smiles at us and we return one to her.
"Thank you." I say and we walk out of the office. I notice that students have started to come in. My stomach tightens at the thought of possibly having to stand in front of each class to introduce myself. I've never been a fan of standing in front of a class.
"I guess I'll see you after school." Antonio says.
"Yeah, good luck today."
"You too." He says and walks towards some stairs.
Now I'm all on my own. I take a right and go down the hallway. I look at my schedule, I have Algebra first, Science second, PE third, History fourth, Lunch fifth, then Language and Reading sixth and seventh. Only seven periods? Something I'm going to have to get used to and no study hall.
I see the lockers appear and I look back at my schedule to see what my locker number is. 2319B. Okay, they have letters on the lockers also... I look at a locker to see its number. 1987B. Gotta go down more... I keep walking until I see a locker that says 2317B. I go down a few more and there it is. My locker.
My heart starts beating fast as I see my locker is in-between two boys. I'm not very good talking to boys. I slowly walk up to my locker avoiding contact with the two guys. I can feel them staring at me and my cheeks flare up. I'm glad my hair is down to block my face.
I look at my schedule to see what my locker combination is, 22-0-32. I spin the lock and then once I'm done putting the combination in I open the locker. It's empty of course. I put my bag on a hook and then take my coat off and put it on another hook.
What do I need for class? Maybe one of the guys will know... But do I really want to ask them?
I look over at the boy on my right and he looks back. I shyly smile and he smiles back showing white teeth with braces. He has blonde hair and is quite tall, but his eyes, they were a beautiful blue! He was rather skinny also.
His lips started moving and I couldn't help but stare and he just stared back at me like he was waiting for something.
"Am I right?" He said and I was taken out of my trance.
"Umm... What?" I ask.
He laughs and I feel my cheeks flare up again.
"I said, I'm guessing you're new here?" He repeats.
"Oh, yeah, I am. Is it that obvious?"
He smiles,
"Kind of. Plus I saw you holding your schedule." He laughs and its a contagious laugh mixed with a heavy accent so I laugh also.
"I'm Elena Santillan." I say and hold my hand out to him and he shakes it and says,
"Niall, Niall Horan."
"Nice to meet you." I smile and realize this is probably the longest conversation I've had with a boy before. I guess I'm not afraid to ask him now,
"Um, would you mind telling me what I need for class?"
"Well what do you have first?" He asks. I have to look at my schedule again,
"Algebra with Mrs. Robinson." I reply.
He smiles and says,
"Well you'll need a notebook, a binder, and pen or pencil. I happen to have her first also so I can show you the way if you'd like?" He says.
"That's great! Yeah that would help me a lot, thank you."
"No problem." He smiles.
I quickly gather my materials for class and close my locker then look at Niall.
"Shall we go?" He asks.
"Yes." I say and we walk side by side and talk.
"So where are you from?" Niall asks.
"I'm from Illinois, it's a state in America."
"Really? You came here all the way from America?! If you don't mind me asking, why?"
"My mom is a professional hair stylist, so ever since I was younger we always had to move around for her job and this time she was sent overseas, so here I am."
"I bet that's tough."
"When we first moved it was, but after constantly doing it I've grown used to it."
He nods and says,
"Well this is Mrs. Robinson's class, we'd better go in, she doesn't like late students."
We walk into the classroom together and Niall goes to his seat as I go to the teacher to find out where I sit.
"Hi... Um, I'm new here..." I say and she looks up at me from her desk.
"Oh you must be Miss Santillan?"
"Yes that's me..."
"Okay, let me get the class' attention and then we'll get you all situated."
I nod. She gets up from her desk and hands me a planner then walks to the front of the room and beckons for me to follow.
"Class may I have you're undivided attention please."
Everyone starts to quiet down and looks to the front at me and Mrs. Robinson.
"We have a new student today! Her name is Elena and I'd like you all to welcome her."
I shyly smile at the class.
"Faith would you please raise your hand." Mrs. Robinson says and I see a pretty blonde girl raise her hand.
Mrs. Robinson turns to me and says, "Elena you can go have a seat next to Faith."
I nod and walk down the row to my new seat. I try not to make much noise when I set my stuff down and sit in the desk but I fail and some people look at me.
"Hey I'm Faith." She says.
I look at her and smile,
"I'm Elena."
She smiles back then turns her attention back to Mrs. Robinson.
"So how are you liking Holmes Chapel so far?" Faith asks turning to me.
"It's truly beautiful. This school is WAY bigger than my old one, my house is bigger too, although the weather is colder than America." I say.
"You came from America?" She asks shocked.
"That's so cool. I went there once to visit my aunt in New Jersey."
"I've never been to New Jersey before, I lived in Illinois but I've been to Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, California, and I've been to Mexico many times." I say.
"Faith, Elena, please pay attention." Mrs. Robinson says and I look to Faith and we both smile then look back to Mrs. Robinson teaching a lesson about some sort of division.
I couldn't help but have a flashback of when me and Kristin would always get into trouble for talking in class. Oh I miss Kristin, but I've got to make some new friends unless I want to be lonely in this huge school.
The bell rang and I don't remember much about the lesson Mrs. Robinson gave but I'll have to figure something out to get this homework done.
I got out of my seat and grabbed my materials.
"What class do you have next?" Faith asked.
"Um, science with Mr. Larson." I say looking at my schedule.
"Oh, I have history," she says looking a little disappointed, "do you need help finding the class?" She asks. I think about it...
"No but thank you, I think I'm gonna try and find it myself."
"Oh okay well I'll see you around."
"Yeah you too."
She leaves the room and I walk to the door then back to my locker. What do I need for science? I'll just bring a notebook, folder, binder, pencil, and my planner.
I head off in search for my next class. It takes me about the whole passing time to find it and I end up being late.
I walk in the class towards the teacher.
"Do you have a pass for being late?" Mr. Larson asks.
"Um no, I had trouble trying to find the class, um I'm new here." I say and he looks at me,
"Oh yes Miss Santillan, well I'm glad you were able to join us." He says and looks around at the lab tables,
"Go ahead and have a seat over there." He says pointing to a lab table a boy is sitting at.
I hesitate once I see the boy but have no choice so I walk to the lab table and take a seat. I can feel him look at me and I end up looking at him. He has black hair with a quiff and brown eyes. He smiles, he has pretty straight teeth. I smile back.
"Hello." He says.
His voice has an accent. Now that I think about it, everyone here has an accent except for me.
"Hi." I say.
"I'm Zayn, what's you're name?"
"Elena, it's nice to meet you Zayn."
"Okay class," Mr. Larson starts, "today is the day we dissect frogs!" He says in a voice that's supposed to sound evil but doesn't really work and I giggle to myself.
I lot of the class groan and say ew but I just stay silent.
"You will work in partners with the person at your lab table so one of you come up here and grab 2 safety goggles and 2 pairs of gloves." He continues. People start getting out of their seats.
"I'll do it." Zayn says and smiles at me and gets off his stool and walks to the front. He is really tall and skinny.
I look around the classroom at students, posters, just anything. I think I like this school.
"Here you go." Zayn says and I look at him then grab a pair of gloves and goggles my hands slightly touching his. I smile shyly and he smiles also.
Mr. Larson comes around and places a frog on our lab table. I look at it and hear Zayn make a choking noise. I look over at him and see he is faking it and I laugh,
"You don't like frogs?" I joke.
"Not dead ones that I have to dissect." He says and we both laugh.
"I don't like them either although I had to dissect one in sixth grade so I know what to expect. It's not that bad, if you like seeing frog guts." I say and laugh at the face he makes.
"Yeah you can do all the work." He says and I laugh again. I notice a couple girls staring at me and I try to avoid eye contact with them. I clear my throat and say,
"You'll have to help."
He looks at me for a couple seconds then says,
"Fine but don't expect me to do much." I laugh and agree.
We set off to work dissecting the frog.
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