Meant to Be (13+)

Elena moves to Holmes Chapel because her mother has a job transfer. What happens when she meets the boy band One Direction and her past starts to haunt her? Will jealousy lead to something more? Will she ever be able to tell her deepest secret or let it build up inside her the rest of her life and cause damage? When her and Harry get into a relationship and something goes wrong on their first date will he be able to handle his past coming back also? Will their relationship last?


15. Author's Note

Hello loves!


I'm truly sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER! Forgive me? My schedule has been hectic with school and all but I'm finally on Spring Break but only for the rest of this week..

I also haven't been able to update because of wifi problems so once again sorry :(


I kind of feel that the story isn't very good and have been trying to decide whether or not I want to finish it..? Your opinion would really help.. :)


Please comment, like, favorite!


If you would like me to continue writing the story please let me know and also feel free to give me any ideas you guys have or something you would like to happen in the story, if you have any questions feel free to ask, if you just wanna talk that's fine too :)


All feedback is much appreciated!


Please comment, like, favorite!!!!!! :D

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