Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


6. The Reaping

A/N, sorry for the cheesy title, I just had to.

Tess' POV-

The next morning, I woke up and got ready. I decided to straighten my hair, making me now able to sit on it. I decide to wear legging, a big comfy sweater, and dangly heart earrings with uggs. go to my car, and drive to Starbucks. There, I pay for a Tall Double-Chocolaty-Chip-Frappuccino with extra whip cream, and a chocolate chip muffin (I love chocolate). When she asks me for my name, I tell her Prim-Rose Everdeen. My envious plan, mwahahahaha. After a while, I hear "Prim-Rose Everdeen." I stand up and yell "I volunteer as tribute!!!" The whole store laughs. Then, to my surprise, I hear "Peeta Mellark." I turn and see a girl with bright red hair, bluish grey eyes, and a bit shorter then me. Me and her laugh so hard, we almost fall.

We then sit together in comfy lounge chairs. We learn that we both love one direction, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran. I also learn her name is Theresa McVaunder, but I nickname her Thunder. Her birthday is on June 15th, and she's 18, while mine is on June 23rd. I hesitate to tell her about me and Harry, but then decide to tell.

"I'm dating Harry Styles!" I blurt out.

She stares at me with wide eyes and then rambles out, "Really-do-you-think-you-could-introduce-me-to-Louis-he's-my-favourite-I-think-he's-super-hot-but-maybe-me-asking-you-is-too-much-I'm-sorry-forget-it-I-saw-Kevin-at-Wal-Mart-I-love-carrots."

Oh my gosh, I love this girl. "Course I can introduce you. Imagine if you dated him!"

She pretended to faint and we both laughed then drank our Frappuccino's.

I have a feeling me and Thunder are going to get along really well. I already feel like she's my sister.

We chat more then tell each other we have to leave. I get back to my car, and drive back to my hotel room. I log onto Twitter, and notice I have 15,000 new followers. What?! How...? Then, I see a picture of me in the hallway of Harry's room, being let into the room. No way. How did the paparazzi get that? Is he stalking their every move? Creepers. I also notice I have gotten a lot of hate. One says, "@1dluver4eves @tesslovatic15535 Ew, Harry would never date you. I've stepped on something prettier then you." Another says, "@jessiestyles101 @tesslovatic Ugh, what a wanna-be. She looks fatter then a elephant, almost looking like one. And she's pretty darn ugly, too." I just stare. They don't even see my face, how did they know it's me? And how can they say such rude things. I log off, and decide to ignore it. If you ignore it, it will evetually go away. It didn't.


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