Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


4. The Date

Tess' POV-

When I got to the hotel, it was crazy traffic. The parking lot was almost full, except for, like, 2 spots. I luckily got 1 of them. I went up to level 3, and found room 351. The bodyguard standing outside the door said, "Hello."

"Pussy cats."

Immediately, he let me in. The room Harry was staying in could be worth a so many pounds, its insane. But, unfortunately, Harry was very messy. "Hi there, Tess."

I turn around and see Harry, with no shirt. I automatically turn my head, slowly turning it back. He's truely gorgeous. I mean, look at that body. I could see some rumors were wrong, for he didn't have many tattoos. I consciously rub my arm, wondering why he chose me. I'm not beautiful. In fact, you could say I'm ugly. Him, though, he's... Harry Styles. His curls framed his perfectly shaped face, him jawline and cheekbones smooth. His eyes were very bright green, with tiny specks of gold and brown. It reminded me of a forest. He obviously could date someone far more spectacular as me, and still not be matched. Maybe Taylor Swift. They'd be cute, their relationship name Haylor Styft (A/N sorry for my cheesiness).

"You there, love?" he asks me.

"Oh yes."

He starts to inch closer to me, then literally right in front of me. "What do you want to do for our date?"

"Maybe we can watch a movie together and order pizza?" I'm very down-to-earth. I hate fancy restaurant's. 

"That would be fantastic."

I start blushing, and I see him smile. Oh his dimples. OHH HIS DIMPLES!!! I could literally stick my finger in them and lose my finger, their so deep. I catch myself starring at his lips. I break the silence. "So, how about Love Actually?"

"Sure, I love chick flicks."

This is my guy. Just saying... hopefully he's not too lovey dovey, though. I love going all black ninja and attack mode if something/someone bothers me. We put the movie in, and start watching it. About halfway through, I look at Harry and see he's staring back. He leans in, and of course, I do too. I mean, if Harry freaking Styles tried to kiss you, you'd kiss him. No question whatsoever. We kiss passionately. I lift my hands up to his hair, and he puts his big hands on my small waist. I hear a movement behind us, and I quickly pull away, seeing Zayn standing there, looking very sad. My heart just got ripped out. Ugh, I hate this. Harry Styles likes me, and Zayn Malik might too? No way. Zayn starts to turn.

"Zayn? You okay, bro?" I hear Harry.

Zayn grunts. "Yeah, I'm fine."

I stand up. "I should go, shouldn't I." Harry grabs my hand.

"No, stay."

"Really, I'll leave. Bye Harry. See you Zayn." I quickly kiss Harry on the cheek and when I pass Zayn, I stop. Should I kiss his cheek too? Or would that be wrong? I just lightly hug him. Then, I fast-walk downstairs, and drive back to my hotel.

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