Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


2. On The Way

(Still) Tess' POV-

I can't believe I'm half way there. I can't believe it. I just can't. I look down at my outift, satisfied with what I chose. I chose some light blue super skinnies, a cute light blue high-low-hemline tank top, some ankle booties, and put on a couple silver bangles with hoop earrings. There's an exit, I need a bathroom break! I pull over to the exit and park, grabbing my Coach purse and tossing the keys in. After I get a coffee and go to the restroom, I go sit down and play Temple Run in the cafe.

"Excuse me?"

I look up, "H-H-Hello." That cannot be Zayn Malik. No.

"Are you, by any chance, on your way to London?"


"Can you give me and my 4 friends a ride? You might know us, One Direction?"

No way. NO WAY. NO FLIPPING WAY!!!! "I do know y-y-you, I-I'm a-a H-HUGE f-f-fan. And sure!" I smile, trying not to look constipated.

"Great, well, shall we go?"

I nod and get up, almost forgetting my coffee. I get in my brand new car, and all of One Direction pile in, while Harry steals shotgun. I can't help but starring at his perfect eyes, hair, body, voice. He notices and I look away. I put the gear into reverse, and get back on the road.

"So, what is your name?" asks Harry.

"Tess. Tess Lovatic." I stammer, frequently, I may add.

"Beautiful name." I hear him stammer something else, but I only catch "girl, too."

"C-Can I just say, I'm in a car with flipping ONE DIRECTION!" Uh oh. I just blew it. I know I did.

I hear Louis talk for the first time. "Yes, you can. Oh my god. I'M in a car with flipping TESS LOVATIC!!!'

I laugh, possibly a little too enthusiastically. I brush the hand not on the wheel in my hair, which is down and curled. "You guys are heading to your concert, right? Because I'm on the way to your concert." Of course their heading there, where else?

"Yeah!" speaks up Liam.

"Sooo, your a directioner, right?" asks Zayn. I nod. "Then, who's your favourite from one direction?"

I think for a bit. Mine actually is Harry, but I love Louis' humour. And Niall's adorableness. And Zayn's hotness. And how Liam is so romantic. I decide. "Actually, it's Harry, but I really love all of you."

I see Harry smile out of the corner of my eye.

"Oh." says Zayn. I feel guilty.

"Boys," boys? I don't know them that well. "Were here!!!" Can't take back what I said, oh well. We all get out, them all suddenly sprinting away. I feel abandoned. But I knew that they wouldn't stay forever. Eh, who cares, I JUST MET ONE DIRECTION!!! I jog over to the ticket booth and see I'm early. Great, I get good seats. I hand in my ticket and get inside, making it all the way to the front. I immediately get out my phone and put it on camera, and wait. About 20 minutes later, 1D comes out, starting with LWWY. I notice Harry looking at me while I scream and jump along to the music. Their really good. I just wish I got their numbers in the car. Ugh, I'm stupid.


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