Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


8. Moving

Tess' POV-

I had finally made a decision. I'm moving to London, to stay with Harry. I decided to go back home, and explain it to my step-dad. He can actually be pretty understanding, despite his rudeness. When I got there, I explained how I'm a woman now, and I need to start fulfilling my life. He immediately agreed and said that he would buy my a place in London, and give me a named price for furniture and accessories. Wow, I couldn't believe my ears. He must really want me to leave. We ended up buying a condo near Harry's and we got me a queen-sized bed, a double for the guest room, a really comfy couch, 2 desks, 8 chairs (6 for dining table, 2 for the desks), a lounge chair, a 52" flat screen TV, a TV stand, 4 bed-side tables, 3 lamps, 2 dressers, 3 bookshelves, appliances for the modern kitchen, a dining table, a coffee table, and a bunch of different colored curtains. Also, a bunch of little things for the bathrooms, family room, kitchen, bedrooms and office. I couldn't wait. The moving van got there at around 2:00 pm and we finished unloading by around 6:00 pm. I unpacked while watching TV, and finally finished by 10:00. I heard a beep, and checked my phone. A text from Harry, saying, "Hey love, I heard you moved here. That's brilliant! I'm sorry I couldn't come over to help, had a rehearsal and interview. Lots of love, pumpkin." I smiled. I then settled down and fell asleep watching HGTV.

The next morning I woke up, and looked around. I just realized the movers had painted all the rooms. My room was painted blue, the guest room yellow, the kitchen was a golden-beige, family room a suddle green, and both bathrooms yellow again. My bedroom had a ensuite, and there was another in the hallway.

I look around, and let it sink in this is my home, and it feels much more like home then ever in my life.

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