Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


7. Love at First Sight

Louis' P.O.V-

I really wish I had someone. Someone to love. Harry has Tess, and Tess is about as gorgeous as they get. Wait, what if she has a friend? Nahhh, Tess specifically told me and they guys how she didn't have any friends a couple days ago. But, what if by a miracle, she just made one? Whoa, Lou. Your mental. Hopefully, by miracle, I'll find someone. Little did I know I would, very soon.

Thunder's POV-

I'm meeting Louis Tomlinson today, with Tess. Wow. After all this time fan-girling, I'm finally meeting them. Him. Louis. Lou. Boo-bear. I honestly cannot wait. Tess and I walked down the sidewalk, leading towards the hotel their staying at. We're all meeting in the pool area, and swimming. We have our bathing suits underneath. I convinced Tess to wear one, even though she said she looks super fat and ugly in one. She is probably, though, the most gorgeous girl I could ever see. I died my hair red because I felt insecure about my natural blonde color. It made me look like I was bald, considering my extremely fine hair. Now, I try to be as confident as I can.

We got to the hotel, and made our ways to the changed room. Once our clothes were off, we ran into the pool room and jumped in. Of course the boys were watching us. As soon as I turned around, after getting out of the pool, I saw Louis. Oh. My. Gosh. Wow. His perfectly tanned body complimented his abs he clearly had. His wet hair covered his immensely bright eyes, and his hands were just something you want to hold. His lips were luscious, and I felt myself staring. He walked over to me, I froze.

"Hello, I'm Louis. You are...?"

"Theresa, but please call me Thunder."

"Well, Thunder, would you mind my taking you out to the patio?"

"S-Sure." I followed him out, wondering what was going to happen.

Louis' POV-

I took her out on the patio, and carefully slipped my hand into hers. Her pale skin was so fair, she looked like a goddess. We walked and talked about our life, and the crazy tour that was beginning later on. Then I brought up our status'. I told her I was single, and she said I know, then blushed madly. Oh, I love it when girls blush. She then said she is single too. Pure luck, right there. I then stopped, and she stopped too, I took both her hands, looked her straight in the eye and said,

"Will you go out with an idiot like me?"

"R-Really? I mean, of course! I mean..."

Then, I just took her face in my hands, and kissed her like no tomorrow.

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