Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


16. Hate Gone Too Far

Tess' POV-

After I got home from my date with Harry, I decided to check my twitter. I had more followers then ever! Great! But then... I saw this,

@directioner101: @tesslovatic Wow, you so ugly and fat, I bet you anything that Harry just pities your existence.

@lillyluvslou556: @tesslovatic *cough* slut *cough

@biggest1Dfanever1: @tesslovatic I heard you lost your virginity when you were 12! Whoa, that sucks. Have you told Hazza?

@789luverofliam987: @tesslovatic Heard you  cut yourself after you figured out your ugly and fat?! Finally, hope you die in a hole.

The last one hurt me most. I grabbed a pillow and cried into it. I couldn't find ANY supportive tweets. This officially sucks. No one liked me. The strange thing is, when Harry was dating Taylor, she got hate like this too. I felt bad for her then, now I know from first hand. It sucked. Some tweets were going too far. Sooo, I tweeted,

@tesslovatic: To all you haters out there, haters gunna hate. So, please just hate me silently, instead of ruining someones life that you don't know. Thanks to the silent supporters! You are my favourites. By the way, I did cut. You probably are, or have, or will! I love Harry Styles. Problem?

I felt really good after that. After I watched Pitch Perfect, I went back on twitter. I had already gotten 80,713 retweets, 67895 favourites, and A LOT of supportive tweets. My spirits immediately lightened, and I feel asleep in my bed, smiling.


Thank you to JuliannaJoyy and Ice chipper for commenting! I know, I didn't tell you guys? I shout out my commenters. And to all the people who have favourited my movella, thank you! HUGE shoutout to Thunder101. Luv ya guuurl. Please comment, favourite, and like. So far, I have 10 comments, 97 read, 7 faves, and 6 likes. Thanks to all! Btw, sorry I haven't been updating. I'll try to update 2 more tomorrow, too.

Luv you!!!!

-Livster <3

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