Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


1. Explanations, And Screaming

Tess' POV -

I love One Direction. Extremely. I am the biggest directioner you can find, so you can imagine my reaction when I got tickets to their concert. "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS FOR ME, DAD!!!!!!" I screamed. "Shut up, I just wanted you off my back." he said harshly. Great. I actually though he was doing that of kindness, but noooo. He decided that it was for me to "shut up". I hate him. He's not actually my real Dad, he just tells me to call him that. His name is Tyler, and he's my step-father. My mom remarried after my real Dad died in the army. My mom's in the hospital right now, fighting cancer.

I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Tess Lovatic, I'm 18, I have really long golden hair thats wavy, blue eyes, and I'm kinda tanned. I love One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeren. Their my idols, especially Taylor. I work as a artist for this business my mom works for. That's why I have so much (electronics, make-up, one direction merchandise, etc). Anyway, back to my story.

The concert is in 2 days, and it's in London, so I have to drive from Cheshire to get there. I'm going by myself, considering the fact my ex-bestfriend is now a total brat. Basically, she decided that being popular and hanging out with Kelly and Erin means not being friends with a total loser like me. I've already started packing when Tyler comes in.

"Tess, hun, for your birthday next month (my 19th, btw), I decided to get you a car."

"What?!?!?! OH MY GOSH! Thank you so much, Ty-I mean- Dad!!!!"

"Stop screaming, you freak, and leave tonight, I'm watching the game with my friends and going out with my friends to stay at Jess' house." Did I mention he's a cheater?

"Kay! I'm already done packing, I'll see you in a few days."

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