Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


13. Discussions and Heart Break

Zayn's POV-

I couldn't help but stare at Tess as she was talking. She's just so beautiful. It's not fair, what-so-ever, that Harry gets all the girls. I haven't had a girlfriend before, believe it or not. Tess was my first kiss. I know, 20 years old and just having their first kiss. But, I'm ugly. Everyone knows it. I feel abandoned whenever I get turned down by a girl, which is every time. I just kept thinking about Tess' reaction when Harry threatened me. It seemed like she actually cared. I got all warm inside when she was yelling at Harry. Harry's a lucky man, having Tess.

Harry's POV-

I can not believe Zayn still likes Tess. He will never, EVER, feel the same way as I do about Tess. Tess is beautiful, hilarious, intelligent, and not too girly. At least she an kick a guy in the balls if they threaten her. Anyway, it's Thunder's birthday today, and Tess' is on the 23rd. We all decided to throw a party in the middle of the week. A surprise, of course. Tess and Thunder will be out at the mall, then come back to a huge surprise in Tess' flat.

Before the party started, I took Zayn aside. I needed to talk to him about Tess. I said,

"Dude, you can't have a crush on Tess. She is my girlfriend, and I love her. A lot. I would not be able to live without her."

"Harry, I know. But, I feel the same way. I think I'm in love with Tess."

"Well, she's chosen me, in case you haven't noticed."

"But she kissed me." I stood there, shocked. No she didn't. He's lying.

"She would never!"

"Oh, but she did."

I felt tears in my eyes. Strange, I hardly ever cry. Tess... kissed Zayn?

"Sh-She did?"

"Yep. I came over, sat on the couch, and she kissed me. I kissed back of course."

I lost it. I punched him, so hard he got knocked out. His nose was gushing blood, probably broken. How dare he kiss my girlfriend? I think he's lying, about her kissing him. She would never. I think he kissed her and she pulled away. I can tell, because Tess has been shooting cold glares at Zayn all week. All of a sudden, I heard,

"Everyone hide, turn off the lights! Tess and Thunder are back!" Lou whispered-yelled.

I hid behind the kitchen counter, and Liam turned off the lights. The front door opened, and in came Tess and Thunder.

"SURPRISE!!!!" we all shouted. They laughed, because we got one over them. My mouth dropped. Tess looked gorgeous. She was wearing black TOMMs, light-blue short-shorts, a white and beige boho-tied tank top, with a fancy black sweater. Not to mention, her hair had light beach curls, and was wearing no make-up whatsoever. I was too lucky.

Tess' POV-

I can not believe they threw a surprise party! I can usually guess if there is a party going on, but this one got me. I felt like I looked ugly, though. I wasn't even wearing any make-up. In the meantime, Thunder looked ready to go to a nightclub. She was wearing a sparkly thigh-high dress and silver pumps, with mascara, eyeliner, and silver eye shadow. Her hair was staightened, which looked gorgeous on her. I envy her looks. She has the fairest skin ever. No wonder Louis likes her, and not me. I mean... what did I just say? Louis likes her, he's her boyfriend. I have Harry. Speaking of Harry, Harry made his way over here. I hugged him.

"Harry, you did not have to do this!!!"

"But, I wanted to!"

"Awe, thanks babe."

I drank a little wine at the party, and got a few presents. Harry was drunk by the end. As I was cleaning up, only a few people were here. Zayn didn't come (or so I thought), Liam went home after everyone started getting drunk, because he was non-alchoholic, Niall was still here in my kitchen eating, and Lou and Thunder were talking on my back-porch. I was looking for Harry, when I walked into my office. There he was, snogging some girl I knew from school, with his shirt off. I felt the tears coming. Oh my gosh. I ran out the room, crying. I fell onto my bed, and cried my heart out. I cried about Harry heating on me, I cried about almost getting rapped, I cried about the hate I've been getting, and I cried about my mom near death. Just then, I got a phone-call. I answered it. It was Tyler.

"Hi Dad."

"Hey. I was just calling to tell you, your mom didn't make it." He sounded extremely depressed. I felt sympathy, then I made out the sentence.

"What? M-Mom's... dead?"

"Yeah. Look, it's hard for all of us Tess. Even me. The only reason I was so mean to you was because I knew she was dying."

"It's okay... thanks. Bye." I hung up then cried so hard I fell asleep.

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