Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


15. Back together

Tess' POV-

I can't believe that I have another date with Harry tonight. Thunder set it up. I decided to go, maybe he'll be a big gentlemen and we will get back together. I put on a red satin dress, mid-thigh, left my hair down curled, put on silver 4-inch wedges that were super comfy, 3 silvery bracelets, silver hoops, and red lipstick with light shimmery eye shadow. I also put a swift bit of mascara and winged out my eye. The bracelets covered my scars. I set off to the fancy restaurant we planned on going, Le Belle Fille. It was French, meaning the beautiful lady. I had an amazing meal of twice-baked potato, red wine, and medium-rare tenderloin. Afterwards, me and Harry kissed, and asked me to forgive him. I did, who wouldn't?

Harry's POV-

She looked stunning. Her long legs complimented her dress so much. I was so happy we were together.

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