Meant To Be

Hi, I'm Tess Lovatic. I'm about to tell you about my story of how One Direction changed my life. It all started at a concert...


18. Accusation

Lou's POV-

"I'm going out shopping, with Tess, boo bear. Be back soon."

"Kay. Love you muffin."

"You too!"

Thunder went out shopping, while I stretched out on the couch. I noticed she left her phone. It pinged with a text, so I decided I might as well read it. It was from Ed Sheeran, how did she know Ed? It said "Your friend has a lovely voice, jut like you."

Anger boiled inside me. She's cheating on me! His texts were of him complimenting her and Tess. Ugh, I can't believe it. I start crying into my hands. Then, I called Tess. L- Lou Th- Thunder T-Tess

T- Hello, Lou?

L- Hi Tess, is Thunder there?

T- Yup, here.

Th- Lou, hun? Whats up?

L- You cheating on me with Ed Sheeran.

Th- What? I would never...

L- Save it. Were over.

Th- *sniff* No, honey, you have it all wrong! He's just a friend!

L- Then why is he complimenting you so much?!

Th- He's just really friendly!

L- Sure. Okay bye, ex-girlfriend.

I hung up, and called Eleanor. We got back together.

Thunder's POV-

He thinks I'm cheating on him! Oh my gosh, why does Ed have to be so nice?! I started crying in the middle of starbucks.

Tess comforted me, while I held my head in my hands.

That night, while I was singing to myself one of Louis' favourite songs, Tess walked in. She started going on about how I'm a great singer. I disagree, I'm terrible. Not half as good as her. Right now, is officially the worst days of my life.


Sorry fr all these author notes, but I'm not updating tomorrow so I added an extra chapter today. Thanks to Thunder101 for the idea. Guys, check out her story!!! Also, JuliannaJoy! Check out her stories, their incredible.

Love you guys, SOOO much!


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