Curiosity Killed The Cat

Emily Shakespeare never gets in any trouble. She is the best student at St Catherine's College. All of a sudden her school has been closed off, and no one knows why. When she tries to find out, she gets in more trouble than she had ever imagined...


1. Perfection

I have never been in trouble before. People call me teacher's pet, goody two shoes, and all sorts of names. But as far as I can see, I'm just following the rules. I think it's a complete waste of time, breaking the rules. You're just making life harder for yourself.

I guess, sometimes being perfect all the time has its disadvantages as well. It can get stressful trying to please everyone, and its not like I'm the most popular girl in the school either. I do have friends, but just not the 'cool' kind of friends.

But, the truth is, I'm not as perfect as I might seem. Everyone expects me to be rich and have a perfect family with a perfect little house on a perfect little street. But they're wrong about that. My dad has to work everyday from dawn until dusk so I never really see him, apart from Christmas. We live on the fourth floor of The Oakwood apartments. When I say we I mean my mum, dad, younger brother Jacob, my baby sister Katelynne and I. Oh, and not forgetting the goldfish, Bob and Marley. I'm not supposed to know, but the bills are piling up, and we just don't have the money. I don't own designer clothes, the latest smartphone, the most expensive shoes. I don't have a flatscreen TV, a state of the art laptop, or the new iPad. I'm perfect in school, to hide the fact that I'm not so perfect outside of it, the same way others go out of their way not to be perfect, to keep people from seeing that their lives are really, well, perfect.

My best friends are the only people who know what goes on beneath my whole perfection act. I would never tell anyone else. I'm so used to being the teachers pet now that I'd probably feel like, like a nobody without it.

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