Curiosity Killed The Cat

Emily Shakespeare never gets in any trouble. She is the best student at St Catherine's College. All of a sudden her school has been closed off, and no one knows why. When she tries to find out, she gets in more trouble than she had ever imagined...


5. Murder?

I couldn’t believe it. Had there been an actual murder in my own school? Why would someone want to kill Mrs Samuels? I mean, it could have been a heart attack or a natural cause of some sort, but the way these men were acting it seemed like they knew it was murder.

I heard footsteps from down the hallway. I was stuck there in that vulnerable spot for a few horrible seconds before snapping into action. I ran as quietly as I could down the polished floor, ducking under the police tape where the cat was waiting, grooming himself. He jumped up when he saw me and started dashing down the corridor in front of me, like a small black cheetah chasing a gazelle.

 We ran back along past the lockers, past my art room and my English room, along to the doors to the gym. I burst through them to find a policeman on the other end of the gym. I crouched down behind the gymnastics horse that was kept by the door in a flash. The policeman whipped around in shock. He started walking towards me slowly, shining his torch at the door. I held my breath and crouched down lower. I thought I was done for. But then the cat, which had been hiding in the shadows in the corner of the hall, raced across the room. The man turned and ran after him, chasing him out the doors, muttering about stupid cats running about the school.

I smiled, letting out a deep breath. I dashed as quietly as possible across the gym and into the girls changing rooms. I tip-toed out onto the corridor once I knew there were no police. When I reached the door to the yard I slipped out in silence. I just needed to cross the tar-mac and I’d be safe. There were still no police on this side of the school yard so I ran for it jumping straight over the wall and crouching down on the path.

My heart was racing and my mouth was dry. The time was already 11:03. I had to get to Tesco, get the shopping and get back home before 12:00.

I now knew what had happened that caused the school to close so suddenly. I knew why that policeman refused to answer our question about what had happened. Mrs Samuels had been killed and no one knew how, why or by whom.

This all ran through my mind as I scurried along the path. I reached Tesco in five minutes, which was usually a twenty minute walk. By then my legs were aching, my teeth were chattering and my heart was thumping.

I shot around the aisles as fast as I could, collecting all the shopping. It wasn’t a very long list, thank goodness, and I had everything in twenty minutes. But the queues were as long as they’ve ever been, and could do nothing but wait. Five minutes passed, then five more, then another five before I finally got to the checkout. The lady rolled her eyes and started scanning my groceries. I fired them into the bags at top speed, checking my watch every five seconds. It was 11:46 already, and I was getting impatient.

“That will be €84.75 please,” the lady said, finally scanning the last item. I handed over two fifties, got my receipt and change and grabbed the shopping bags. I put some over my shoulders, and held a few in my hands. This would be torture.

Once I got out of the supermarket I ran. I ran down the path, bags thumping heavily against my legs and dragging down my shoulders. Despite the freezing cold weather, I began to heat up and sweat under my jacket and the cold wind on my face was now refreshing. I felt the pain in my shoulders from the heavy shopping but I kept running as best I could.

I reached the school and a shiver went down my spine, and for a moment I slowed down. I kept running, trying not to think about earlier. I sped up again and turned the corner. I felt horrible, hot and cold at the same time, aching arms and legs and a searing pain in my shoulders.

I kept going, stopping for ten second to catch my breath and give my legs a break. I reluctantly started up again. I couldn’t stand the heat in my heavy winter clothes. I was almost home. It felt as though I had been running for hours, though it had only been a ten or fifteen minutes. Reaching my front door I collapsed inside, dropping the bags and tearing off my jacket. Mum came into the hall.

“What took you so long? You’re five minutes late, I clearly told you to be back by twelve young lady.” Mum scolded.

I sighed and told her about the queue, exaggerating slightly. She didn’t look convinced, but she seemed too tired to argue anymore.

I put the shopping away in the kitchen before heading into my room. My school books were still lying on my desk. I ripped out a page from my English copy and drew a circle in the middle of the page. I wrote the name of my school in the circle and began to write words related to this whole big mystery.

‘Mrs Samuels’ was the first thing I wrote. I wrote ‘murdered?’ with a question mark. I wasn’t sure about anything at the moment. I continued with words like staff room, no evidence, suffocation, and anything that came to my mind. When I had finished writing everything I could think of, I decided to add one last thing. It might not have had anything to do with any of this, but I didn’t know for definite. I wrote in capitals in the very corner of the page:



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