Curiosity Killed The Cat

Emily Shakespeare never gets in any trouble. She is the best student at St Catherine's College. All of a sudden her school has been closed off, and no one knows why. When she tries to find out, she gets in more trouble than she had ever imagined...


6. A Knock

The following day, I was still grounded. I spent most of my time juggling between looking after Katelynne and mulling over the events that had taken place the day before. No one knew much about Mrs Samuels, she had been one of those straight to the point teachers, no nonsense tolerated. But she didn't seem like someone you would want to murder.

Google acted as my assistant detective, giving me facts about Mrs Geraldine Samuels. Although she was born here in Ireland, she had spent much of her life travelling the world and teaching at schools in various different countries. I uncovered this information from an article on a French news website, dated only four months earlier. The article detailed her work with a school for children with autism and other disabilities in a small town in the south of France. It appeared that she had only recently moved back to Ireland, after spending just under two years in France. I quickly jotted every piece of information I could find onto the page I had used before, which was know so crowded it was hard to pick out individual words. But I was making progress.

After dinner Mum told me she had to drop Jacob off at his friend's house, and needed me to keep an eye on Katelynne while she was out. Luckily for me, she had fallen asleep in her pram and so I had time to continue my research. I now knew that Mrs Samuels had not given much warning of her move to Ireland, and I could see from photographs on her Facebook wall that she had been in a relationship while she was living there.  She seemed to be happy then, her eyes bright with wonder, rather than tired and dark as they had been while she taught us.

She was quite young, only in her late twenties, early thirties at most. For the first time, I truly realised what had happened. Mrs Samuels was dead. She was young and happy and healthy, until a few months ago something changed, and now she's dead.


As I was sitting in the dark at my desk, just thinking deeply about the reality of this whole thing, I heard a knock on the door. I assumed my mother had forgotten her keys and so I rushed to open it. Outside the flat, the corridor was empty. I glanced up and down, and my eye caught on a shimmer of blue-black fur. What did that cat want from me? I glanced into the hallway, Katelynne was still fast asleep, so I slowly shut the front door and followed the cat. I would go straight back to the flat as soon as I saw what the cat wanted me to see.

I followed him down flight after flight of stairs, and into the lobby. Mrs Smith was half asleep behind the counter, so I tried to be quiet as I crossed the old yellow carpet to the front door. I stepped outside, but when the cat continued walking, I knew I had to go back.

"This is as far as I go, little guy," I whispered, my hair whipping in the wind. It was cold and rainy and I had no coat, just a thin hoodie and jeans. I turned and as I stepped back towards the door I heard the cat hiss and yelp in fear. I swung round as a tall dark figure grabbed my arm and hit me hard on the head with something made from metal. My vision blurred and I felt my knees giving in beneath me, and my whole world dissolved into empty darkness around me as I fell to the ground.

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